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  • Well you still own it :P
    I was just making sure you were okay with those two things :P
    And since you probably won't be on again till morning...

    I updated my sig to the new one you sent. :3
    Two things though...
    I kept my adoptables in as a part of my sig and,
    For the one that said "<what ever the (c-word) you want>", I substituted hell instead.
    I suppose I could switch it back if you want though...
    Okay. I'll post on the Challenge Board when I think of something.
    EDIT: Those song/quotes in your sig... Where did they come from?
    EDIT2: Finished. Do you like it?
    I saw that.
    And reblogged it.

    also um
    it's hetalia so you might not get it
    but it's funny anyway
    It really was weird though, because my hair has been freaking ridiculously bouncy curly my whole life. And I never ever wear makeup.

    I did end up looking like this one character from an anime who is really really creepy.

    I need a maid dress so I can cosplay as her.

    oh my god thank you

    Ehehe. :3
    There's another picture of me where my cousin straightened my hair and put makeup on me, and I looked like a different freaking person.
    Because it's a Devil May Cry reference.

    Dante (my avatar) is the son of the legendary dark knight Sparda.
    I'm sorry. You didn't have to join if you weren't feeling up to it...
    I could have kept you company though. Kind of...
    And I'm sorry about your arm... :(

    I'm not a bad person, am I?
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