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  • I'm fine! Kind of bored, but that's nothing new.
    I went to the Doctor Who Experience, though :D

    What about you?
    When you buy games/consoles they come with a code you can redeem online to get points, and if you get enough points you can buy stuff like wii shop money or Mario stickers.
    Hi, you're American and online right now, do you bother with club nintendo codes? Because I have a spare one that is only redeemable in North America.

    I really have no clue what state my mental health is in... partially due to things like that.
    Oh. Well, that's pretty tough, but hopefully she gets the point.

    Good luck with that, then. :X Takes some bravery, etc... I hope it turns out well.
    Hatred towards our past selves is one of the few things that can unite a group of people. That and mafia.

    ... Probably.

    I hope not, too, then? Regrets are unpleasant.
    Should I ask why?

    I'm not going to pretend that I'll actually try it out, since I already spend too much time procrastinating on here... still, interesting.

    Same. Though, actually, I mostly stopped joining new forums after TCoD - and the ones I remember either don't exist anymore, or I wouldn't really want to go back. 2008/9 or earlier, well... I don't enjoy facing 2011 me, as you saw earlier. :P
    I always have to work up to going into the IRC. I get pretty nervous about it... which is pretty sad, I guess.

    This is the only forum I really frequent. I've been other places over the years, but this is the only one that's stuck, and I'm not that keen on trying more. General social sites, though, sure. I do have a tumblr and youtube.

    Mafia comes up with a lot of great quotes. We just need to remember to quote them regularly.
    Not sure. Probably a while ago!

    Finally, a situation where more murder is the correct response.
    oh, there were worse "drawings". I had them in my TCoD albums before I deleted it.

    Yeah, me too. At least mafia's active again.
    True, true. Next will be villager mafia, where everyone's just a vanilla townie. ... The game never ends.

    Yes! ... I can remember drawing, though I don't think I ever animated. Actually, the images are probably deleted by now...

    (then I'll have to, too. prepare for aggressive headdesking.)
    "Right, so, since VM's Vanilla Mafia was NOT WHAT WE EXPECTED, I thought that we still needed a good old regular, cookie cutter, standard, vanilla ice cream, mafia."

    reading that with capital letters = yelling gave it the funniest tone

    really, that's just funny in general.

    (Reminds me of when I hosted an actual Ice Cream Mafia ... don't go back and look at it, I'm certain it's embarrassing, but.)
    Oh, you poor soul. I certainly won't suggest leaving a bag of flaming dog poo on their front doorstep, knocking the door, and then running away because that would be childish and immature.

    Is there anything that might help you to feel a little better?
    Hey, I read your Grr Thread post, and... that's really, really fucked up. That sucks. I can't even really articulate how sorry I am for you. Just know that you have my deepest sympathies, if that can be understood through the Internet.
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