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  • Hey, just want to say thanks (a little late) for your previous message, that was really nice of you. Everything is more settled now, thankfully.
    Depends on how you handle ties, since they'll inevitably vote for each other. Do you flip a coin? Then do that. Do you give a vote to the last player who died? Then do that. Does it become an automatic abstain unless a conclusion is reached? Then it's an abstain and the mafia member will presumably kill the innocent in the night. (Unless it's a mafia-aligned non-killing role, in which case it's an innocent win.)
    Hope things get better soon!

    Never heard of Lasallian; the ones at my school are Marist. I did ask her out, but she never answered. Then some friends of mine went through a pretty bad breakup, and that, coupled with our interactions at the competition, kind of put me off ever dating her.
    ! Phantom! How's life?

    I've made some advances on my crush. Yesterday, after the Mass for the deceased brother (a religious order set up the school, one of the nicest ones died Sunday, yesterday was a free day), I went to my crush's house to study for Model United Nations. That competition is Friday, from ~4:30 to 7, and Saturday, which is the whole day. If the delegates from my school decide to go out to eat Saturday (as they often do), I'm asking her out.
    Hey! I just wanted to say I think it's important how you feel and how you end up. It sounds like you've been dealing with a lot for a long time. I really hope things start looking up for you.

    And it seems clear that your efforts have really been boosting forum activity. It can't be easy trying so hard to post threads and talk to people when the forums have been so dead for so long, and especially not when you've had such a rough time here, but it's working. I'm glad there's one person who's not just giving up.
    Well, it's not exactly dead or alive, but it's kicking, and your activity has been the catalyst that prevented the forum from completely dying.
    Hey, Phantom. If you ever feel the need to rant, you can talk to me.
    Reiterating what Mohac/Qval said, you pretty much revived the forum alone. Why would people not like you here?
    :( I hope you feel better, Phantom. Some people do care about what happens to you.
    Hi, Phantom! I meant to tell you that I really appreciate all you've been doing to pull this forum's activity back up, and to keep up the great work!
    Have you seen the Doctor Who 50th and Christmas episodes? The club thread is kind of dead and I don't like double-posting :(
    You've been posting a lot of threads recently. Trying to help with the activity pit of doom?
    Haha, yeah figured it was time for a change.

    It always throws me off when people get a new one; can't imagine what's it like after I had my old one for about five years.
    Sorry for not really participating in anything. I've been slammed with work since September. HS teachers are ruthless.
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