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  • AW SNAP GURL hows come we ain't friends on live we shoulda figured this out sooner. Send me a request blackyoshi99 ees gon be TITE.
    To be honest, it's kind of stalled. The last thing that happened was a general "ASB Halloween Mafia???", but we never cemented roles or anything enough. :| Maybe tomorrow I might have enough time to throw together some roles, but I'm busy the whole weekend with a con, so...
    Hi! We haven't talked in a long time.

    I looked at our previous conversations, and you mentioned Lasallian brothers. Are they the ones that come from La Salle? If so, almost all of my paternal cousins are in a Lasallian school.
    Ah right, thanks for letting me know.

    I did delete it recently and I checked my sig and it was still working for some reason. I guess it took a while for it to actually be deleted.
    I'll fix it once I rehost it somewhere else.

    (Also it's Chekov, not Kirk :P)
    YA KNOW I'VE NEVER BEEN ENTIRELY CERTAIN OF THAT but Kibbles and Bits are a thing.


    I see.

    Kibble: "to grind or divide into particles or pellets, as coarse-ground meal or prepared dry dog food."

    Now I understand
    Alright, I might get Omega if it's on sale sometime (are Origin sales even a thing?) but probably not for the full price. Female turians are adorable though, at least judging by the one briefly appearing in the Citadel DLC, and I wish there'd been some in the actual game. :C

    I should look into the ME2 DLC then :O I already have the free ones (Zaeed and the Firewalker stuff) but I haven't gotten any of the ones that cost real moneys.

    Ooh, lemme ramble a bit (I'm skipping the me2 dlc stuff since I haven't played them and don't wanna spoil myself + I'm putting some stuff in spoiler tags just in case). I kinda hated the Council so I didn't feel particularly bad about that (maybe I'm just a terrible person).

    On my renegade playthrough I kinda chickened out and
    On the subject of Legion,
    I actually had a high enough Renegade score to
    On the subject of fictional characters and feelings:
    you always seem to be around on the forums and you were certainly around last night , did you happen to witness this "flame war" about butterfree that flygonthegreat seems to have started?
    I have it already and I definitely enjoyed it :D
    I also got the From Ashes one just because I wanted a cool new alien friend. Do you have any of the other DLCs/do you know if they're worth their price?
    I've played the whole thing competely once (as 'myself'), my second playthrough as the first character's evil twin with a shitload of renegade points is saved before the final missions, über-paragon Good Guy needs to be imported into ME3 and I've got another save started in the first game. Ahhh the characters are great and I just... <3
    Joker is obviously the best of the non-romanceable characters ghhh I love him he's great. I can't choose a favourite Fictional Boyfriend though because they're adorable as hell.

    Yeah I'm not entirely sure what to feel about the ending (I haven't checked out the extended version yet) except sadness and stuff. Damn video games making me emotional, haha.
    Yoooo :D
    I was a bit late to the whole series but I'm really glad I got into it because aaah I love it *u*
    >.> How interesting. I've been in a very Skyrim-y mood lately (I got all dem mods, yo) so if you feel the kibbles to be too many, let me know cause friends are for sharing kibbles with
    What sort of kibbles are there for TDC these days? O3O

    I mean, I don't know if I'll be able to do anything between how difficult it'd be and College taking a bunch of time, but the weekend is coming up and all so maybemaybe
    I get bored easily of forums in general nowadays, so I just tend to jump around anyways. Not that it's a bad place, but it just doesn't click for me.
    Probably not too extensively. I know this place is on its last legs, so I won't be settling in and posting a whole bunch. I just came back out of boredom and the place is about to die anyways, so I figured I'd pay my respects. (And I got bored of Pokecommunity. :P)
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