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  • I think it worked fine as an ending, whether or not you decide to eventually explore more with that particular set of characters. Now that you mention it, I think maybe your old post about IF did mention some kind of PMD-style story? It's been a long time, heh, it's cool to see you making progress with those kinds of games!

    I understand having difficulty estimating length too, haha... "This chapter only has four scenes in it, how is it 10,000 words??" But whatever length it ends up being, I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it!

    Haha, probably a good idea to try completing older/shorter things before tackling BoTW, for sure. Hope you get that Switch, then; I know I'll have to pick one up eventually, because Pokémon. What games are you working on right now? Anything good?

    Yeah, I'm hoping it's just the charging cable gone bad, but haven't really had the opportunity to test that, so it's just gonna be a brick I have to haul around for the next few months, I guess. And I've been pretty boring, emulator-wise; just replaying XD for research and Platinum, because I've actually never played it. Trying to 100% XD, pretty much have to just clear Orre Colosseum at this point. Then I'll probably go back to Colosseum-Colosseum and play through that again. Thinking about trying some hacks/fangames after that, so let me know if you have any recs!

    For Thailand, I'm most interested in visiting some temples, the jungle, and doing some hiking! I'm also interested in taking a cooking class or two. I would really like to spend a week or so on one, since I'm planning to kind of hang out and focus on logistics/planning rather than sightseeing for a bit, so I'll have the time. All the ones I've found so far are half-day affairs catering to short-term travelers, though.
    Oh? The end of the adventure kind of hinted at a larger adventure with the guy who got his arm burned, so I thought that might be what you were working on. Is the big adventure set in Arilterra?

    Ah, gotcha. It sounds like that story grew on you quite a bit... it was originally just going to be a little one-shot, yeah? But, anyway, it's awesome that you got some good progress in on it. Do you have any plans to polish up and publish that glitch story you had me look at a while ago, too?

    Nice, hope you get a chance to really relax, then! And play those video games, too; I caved and brought my 3DS along with me, but now it won't charge, so I haven't actually gotten any real use out of it. Just emulators on my laptop keeping me company. Have you got a Switch? If BoTW is one of those games in your backlog I think you might need quite a bit of time to play through it, heh.

    I'm in Thailand now; just got here after about two days' traveling up from New Zealand. And no, I don't expect to go home until April or so; I video called my parents for Thanksgiving and am hoping to do so for Christmas as well, that's pretty much it. I may see my family in March because my dad's talking about taking a trip to Hawai'i, with my brother possibly joining, but he's already left me hanging twice by saying he'll come visit one place or another and then backing out last minute, so I'm not going to expect anything there. I'll be in Thailand through January; not sure that there'll be much of anything going on for Christmas here, but I'll try to schedule something special for the day regardless.
    Hey, congrats on AO's tenth anniversary! It's wild that the site's been up that long. And nice job getting a bunch of content ready to go for the anniversary, too! I enjoyed playing the little text adventure. Looking forward to the longer version whenever you happen to finish it... and Holding Out for a Hero, of course! It's super exciting that you managed to get that one all written out.

    Anyway, seems like you've got a lot of irons in the fire. How's life?
    Ooh, wow! It's too bad you didn't find the original Pikachu, but hopefully that means she went to a loving home somewhere. It's fantastic that they apparently keep turning out batches of these with the same inaccuracies... maybe it's like a brand thing? Like there are different bootleg pokémon manufacturers, but you know if you get an espeon with the sweet rings it comes from this one particular company? idk. The seated pose on neo-Pikachu looks really cute!

    Congrats on making it to the parade! We got kinda close a couple years, but it's nice to hear that you finally pulled it off. I'd love to see pictures if you want to post them!

    And no problem, glad to hear they made it okay. I'm in Peru now, should eventually be sending another batch of cards from here, heh.
    So anyways uh whats your favorite pokemon lol i like pikachu and mew a lot and also lucario too due to korrina.
    Great, glad it got there safe! And no worries, your birthday present is also still underway. It will get done in the next two weeks because after that I need to leeeeave aaaaaa

    It went fine. Pretty anticlimactic, tbh. But yeah, school's out... FOREVER.
    I haven't! I have bad luck with art panels at DragonCon, for whatever reason; I always have trouble finding them, and when I do they're often full. I managed to get to none of the ones I was interested last year because they moved everything around and apparently that was far more than my mortal brain could handle. r gud at navigation. It sounds like that would be really cool to watch, though! Almost like magic, heh.

    Haha, thanks, I'm hoping it will! I'm booked up solid through Thursday/possibly Friday, but we'll see after that.

    Oooh, now that's the real question, isn't it? I don't imagine I'll be coming back here, specifically, to this part of New Jersey, but where I'll go isn't totally clear. I'll prooobably end up looking for work in the Boston/NYC/DC area. I would like to move back to Detroit, because among other things I really dislike the weather around here, but unfortunately public transportation is a lot worse over that way, and many of my friends/family have moved to the east coast, so I would end up relatively isolated if I did that. I've also gotten pretty spoiled about how much stuff there is going on around here, like, obviously pretty much any major show/event/whatever will stop in NYC at some point. There's always something going on! And it's great to be able to grab a train in any one of those cities and be at any other one in a few hours.

    My preference would be NYC. I don't think I'd want to live there the rest of my life, but for a few years, I think it would be fun. Most of my friends live in/around DC, though, and since I was thinking going more nonprofit or government work (pffft ahahahaAHAHAHA, so much for that), that would be the place to go. However, it's not as good as NYC for public transit, and the weather is the worst out of the lot, given that it is literally a fucking swamp. Boston would be closest to my immediate family, but I don't really care for Boston. So, yes. NYC will be the focus of my job search, but there should be plenty of job opportunities for me in any of those places one way or another.

    But I haaaaate how humid it is here all the time. Summer is my favorite season, but it sucks so much around here because it hits ninety and going outside is basically hell on earth. But the winters are just as shitty as Michigan winters. Why??? So, idk. Detroit or Chicago are probably more the sorts of places I'd like to end up long-term, but the thought of having to jump on a plane to visit my family or close friends sucks. Although it's kind of irrational, since the train ride to see my family is actually substantially longer than a flight from Detroit would be. Eh.

    ANYWAY, this is something that's been on my mind recently, as you can see. XD I guses NYC technically qualifies as "same area," although I would want to be substantially closer to the city itself.
    Oh, well, I hope you do enjoy them when you get them! (And your birthday party, of course!) There's a coloring book they did from art from Dungeons and Dragons that I kind of want even though it's literally just lineart from the sourcebooks, a lot of which isn't very amenable to coloring. They get some nice pieces. (I probs like my MtG art best, tho.)

    I haven't played PTU! Unfortunately none of my IRL friends like pokémon. (You would think, statistically speaking... but no.) So no one to be playing it with. I've never even looked at the rules, to be honest, heh.

    No worries! Yours is still a ways off, I'm afraid. As far as graduation requirements go, yes, the FPO is the last thing I need to do, but I have loads of administrative kind of crap to get through, finding someone to take my apartment and moving out, wrapping up research junk, travel-related paperwork and logistics (opening another bank account, new phone/plan, medical junk), and so on... I'm booked up for at least the next couple weeks yet.
    Ooh, nice. Hope you had success in getting the fancy editions! It's very satisfying to have nice books to use when you're playing. And the adventure we played that one time definitely had dragon involvement, so if it's the same one, there's at least a little dragoning going on in there. The urban political intrigue one sounds fun to me; I've never done a real urban campaign before, and my main group never gets to do intrigue or anything like that because they're VERY killing-things oriented. =/

    Ah, yeah, I was thinking using PTU as a base for that, but if no one's interested in Pokémon anyway (itt people with the WRONG interests), then it's probably not worth it, yeah. lmk if you do ever decide to do an online kind of thing with it, I'd be happy to join.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'll probably mail your games back this week or the next, so PM me the address you'd like me to use, unless you just want me to send them to your house.
    There are some really fun published adventures out there, hope you have a good time with it! What's the premise? Does it involve dragons? (It had better involve dragons.) (Although you could always run a campaign in your own pokéfantasy setting, if you wanted to combine your other worldbuildy projects with DMing.)

    Sure, I can send the games soon--next week or probably the week after, I'm not quite done screaming yet. PM me the address you'd like me to use whenever.

    The FPO stuff hasn't been great, not helped by my sleep schedule becoming completely free-floating so I'm never entirely sure when I'm going to be asleep or awake, but the worst of it should be over as of tomorrow, and then it's... mostly just cramming in all the other stuff I put off until that got done with, like finding someone to sublet my apartment and all of the travel things and so on. The metronome battle isn't bad, really; I don't think anyone expects that to get done at lightning speed, and I've made a good start on it as it is. There'll be an update by the end of the month, certainly.
    Ah, well, at least you're getting to play a bit more. Hope you manage to find a good group; GMing can be a lot of fun, but at least I enjoy relaxing and letting somebody else handle all the prep and planning once in a while. What kind of campaign are you running for your brother? Something you put together yourself, or are you going with a published one?

    Not surprised your brother managed to find a group that fast, tbh. College is a great time for D&D... if you have, like, even three semi-nerdy friends, then it's basically guaranteed that at least one of them is actively in a game or knows somebody who is if you care to ask, heh. And yeah, people can go zero to sixty on the hobby sometimes, it's crazy. Hope your brother turns out to be a good player so you can have fun playing together (and ideally getting some other people to join, of course!) Glad to hear both of you are enjoying Critical Role, too.

    I do still have Rondo of Swords! So I can send that along with GtI, whenever you'd like.

    I really liked the tweaks you made to the maaphix line! Revamps always make my head spin, because usually the old version doesn't really strike me as "bad," but the new ones are always leagues ahead in so many ways. You've improved a ton over the years.
    Ooh, Dominion's a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy it! (And get lots of other goodies later.) Caught your updates on AO; good luck on your resolutions and whatnot. Hope you have some fun checking out some new 'fics! Though, I know they're just in alphabetical order and all, but I proooobably wouldn't recommend starting with Fledglings if that was actually your intent? It's literally longer than TQftL at this point, so it may not be the best thing to ease in with if you're not sure you'll have time/motivation to read a bunch of new stuff. I also feel obligated to plug Gods and Demons, which is my fave at the moment. And it has fakemon!

    Oh, so have you managed to find a group to D&D with? My group has moved onto using Roll20 recently, too. Haven't managed to get the entire gang together in a while now since one of them just had a child, which is UTTERLY TERRIFYING and also means he has no free time.

    Haha, yeah, unfortunately Dragonfree may have to wait on her gift this year, too; the next three weeks are looking a little *opens window and screams into the night.* Sorry to hear about your mail; that really sucks. =/ My overambitious project is something that can be delivered digitally, so that shouldn't be a problem, but I kind of still have your Gates to Infinity cart... I can send that back whenever, so if it would be best to wait and see if things quiet down on the mail-stealing front, let me know.
    Wooo, I got it right for once! Happy birthday, then. I hope you have a great day.

    Things are a little chaotic over here, but I'm working on your present and I hope to have it ready to go soon! In the meantime I hope you got some other awesome stuff.
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