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  • Silly-nickname-motivated purchases are the best worst purchases!

    And no problem. Let me know if you feel like a battle in the future.
    Yep, 81 new ones for 802 total.

    I'm usually browsing tumblr on the partition where I'm not logged in, and I don't remember my tumblr password, so replying on tumblr would mean restarting the computer and finding the post again, etc.
    Ultra Beasts count as pokémon in every way, and they are a part of the pokédex. They have 'dex data.
    I thought you may be pleased to know that 5+ years after your Tales of Symphonia mafia game of forever ago, I finally got around to buying the game! I'm close-ish to the end, I think? Maybe? It's so cheesy and clichéd but I love the shit out of this game, oh my god. ;; Seems like the sequel isn't worth it, though?

    (Also, Kratos is my favourite, and seeing you on the forums is kind of weird now. And it makes classifying you as neutral evil on that alignment chart even more amusing.)
    The only tricky thing is running out of TP! He's got some EX stuff I'm experimenting with to mitigate that, though.

    Thanks! I majored in mechanical engineering. I'm starting work in July, so that should be kinda neat.
    So far, Genis is an interesting one! Really slow physically but I'm enjoying the magic. I've actually experimented too with changing up the strategy and letting everyone play on auto - might be cheating but it's kinda neat just directing it all too. Now that I've beaten the game once and know what the Grade is for, I'm trying to get as much as possible hehe.

    And I'm doing pretty decently! I just finished college and now I'm off to something new and different. So we'll see how that goes!
    Hey! So I feel the need to inform you that I have restarted Tales of Symphonia and am attempting to play as Kratos (and Genis and Colette and any non-Lloyd character, really) and that reminds me of you because that is your name! Hope you're doing well!
    It came! Thanks for sending it. I guess I'll play it and just give it back to you in September? Or I can mail it back if you think you'll want it earlier than that.
    Well, best of luck. I look forward to reading it whenever it happens!

    Yeah, if you could sent it my way, that would be great!


    Pancake's a star.

    Good luck with NaNo! I hope you have better luck actually working on what you want to be working on in the second half. :P
    Were you planning to unmoderate my insightful and totally necessary comment?
    Glad you like it! And that it finally arrived; the Post Office bounced it back at me the first time I sent it off, for some reason. Perhaps I'll get a chance to see those swirly dice in use in a bit, eh? ;)
    "Okay, I guess" is a less glowing endorsement than my $30+ wants, but it's nice to hear they at least fixed some of the issues with GtI, which approximately everyone seemed to dislike except maybe for the story. It would be nice if they could at least manage to match the earlier games for quality, though. =/ The whole "push" thing sounds super obnoxious... one of those things where you wonder how that got through playtesting? Did nobody find this really annoying during any point in the development process? Was there some weird political thing where it was some programmer's favorite thing so they couldn't change it? Ugh.

    So sounds like something I'll have to try to mooch as well. Maybe I ought to sign up for one of those game trading programs, since that's what it feels like I end up doing anyway.
    Awesome! Thanks a lot.

    Yeah, I did mean GtI. I'm aware of the general opinion on the game, but I'm mostly interested in playing it for any story/worldbuilding info that might be there, and I find it easier to play myself than to try and absorb it from LP videos and whatnot. And apparently the game's already "out of print" or something because the cheapest I can find a copy online is like $60? Hell no.

    I'm interested in giving it a shot, anyway. Although iirc one of the criticisms people had was that you can't change the text speed and it's really slow? That sounds absolutely infuriating. Small selection of pokémon I can deal with, shortness, whatever, but making me sit through sloooowwww scrollllling would be a good way to drive me insane.

    What do you think of PSMD? I've heard pretty mixed opinions on it, so there's another one I'm not sure I want to throw $40 (now $32 on Amazon) at. (Though I actually haven't purchased an MD game since Blue Rescue Team, heh.)
    Fair enough. I never did a ton of glitch-hunting in my own old games since I was so afraid of what would happen to my save files, so I'd be tempted. But like you said, using a ROM really makes more sense. :P

    Yeah, if you wouldn't mind lending it out. I've succumbed to the sickness. =/
    Haha, I may have to use the Midway Atoll myself at some point. Sometimes you really need those few extra hours!

    I played Blue as a ROM a little while ago, and yeah, it was pretty strange to try and navigate some of the game's old quirks. The sheer drama of moving pokemon around in the PC, dear lord. Also, sounds like you're about to encounter your first wrapspam trainer (that one youngster with an ekans outside Mt. Moon) who I'm pretty sure destroyed me on one of my earlier playthroughs... good times. Are you planning to do any fooling around with glitches? The ability to glitch up a Mew and send it to Bank almost sold me on getting one of the titles, ngl.

    Also, completely unrelated, but is your copy of Gates to Infinity physical or digital?
    Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your 20th anniversary fanfic! I still have my old trainer's guides all dog-eared and boxed up with a bunch of other game manuals. You definitely did a good job capturing that newbie/oldbie feeling of going from being overwhelmed even by the basics to realizing how oversimplified the old rules you learned were. And of course the most important fact is always that there's so much more out there.

    Might wanna zap that peaked/peeked typo if you end up revising, tho. ;)

    Hope you've been enjoying your Red re-run, too!
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