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  • They've been pretty good. We just moved into a bigger house, and such. I start school too soon, though. :c

    Why up and down, if I might ask?
    Hehe XP I gotta do more selling today but not as much since I've met my quota, I just want extra credit now XD
    AHMYGOD I'M (kinda) BACK!!!

    Yeah, life is getting in the way (like I'm about to go sell advertisements for newspaper herpaderp) but yeah I'll try to stay longer c:
    I don't know why but I have an incredible urge to sing
    You know just in case you were to forget it you could write it down somewhere... maybe here so I could remind you... you know in case you "forget" :3
    Oh really what is it that you're planning? O:

    Edit: oh man I found this and thought of you
    ... would you like to do your plan this time i've done my plans the past few times so it can be your turn
    ...I still think it doesn't like me anymore it doesn't send me any of those blank texts that makes me feel special D:
    Okay good because I'm planning something and I'm hoping it'll be really nice. c:
    See I think your phone doesn't like me now. I mean it used to have a crush on me but since I stopped talking to it and only to you I believe it got jealous and wanted to take its anger out on me and you. Why us phone why D: maybe if I talk to it I can settle our differences before he decides he wants to explode...
    Do you think you'll have it back before... next next Wednesday?
    Oh yes mister horsey, my phone's been acting weird all day and not sending my texts to anybody (my sister kept getting mad ;;) but I think it's fixed now so I'll be up if you can text and wanna talk. Byebye now mister *pats back and leaves apple* yes i'm enjoying myself SHOT ME >:3
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