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  • Maybe.

    My fearow'd be good for mafia boss. He's like a honchkrow. Except more.

    Now to kill my best friend's raticate.
    Yea, it'll be good to get your name out there. Paves the way for a future of, erm, more bookwriting! Do you have others in the series planned/ in writing at all?
    Ahh, that's fair enough. I'm sure the satisfaction would outweigh the sum in any case.
    I would be too. It's astounding you're managing this at your age! Money-wise, how much are you going to get from it, do you know?
    So anyway, congratulations on your, ah publishing offer. How long is the novel?
    Yeah, when I recalled it all that was one of the iffy details. I might change that. It made sense when I originally had the idea, but not so much now. Hmm. And thank you!
    You wrote a song?

    Any chance you have it recorded? o3o (Not really expecting a yes but still hopeful)
    (It was too long so I had to split it into two.)

    He suggests that Link return to Clereve Peak, where the spirits of previous Dream Sages supposedly reside, to seek guidance from them. They give him a cryptic message - "The girl and the flute shall guide the way." Link consults Zelda, who tells him that she did recently, supposedly by coincidence, have a dream of a strange door opening before her. So Link takes her to the Entrance to Terror, where she plays the flute, causing the door to open. Link enters and soon finds himself in a vast circular chamber, where he is once more confronted by Azril, who seems to be under the control of the corrupted Sceptre. Link defeats Azril a second time, and the Sceptre takes full control, growing itself into a huge immobile beast which uses Azril as a sort of host. Link defeats this, but then a circular hole in the middle of the floor opens, and Azril is dragged into it. Link obviously follows, finding himself submerged and floating in what seems to be infinite darkness. He is surrounded by eyes resembling the one on the Sceptre, and soon an amorphous form appears to him, telling Link of how it has been trapped here for centuries, invading the minds of sleeping humans, trying to search for one to become its servant - an opportunity he found in Azril, who was not only young, weak and inexperienced, but also bore the title of Dream Sage and the power of the Sceptre, which it managed to corrupt, using it to control Azril directly. When all is said and done, it begins to gain a humanoid form, revealing itself to be the Sealed True Nightmare, Ganondorf (Of course). Link defeats him after a long battle, but also passes out himself, waking by the altar where he originally found the Flute along with Azril. They return to the village, and, as you put it, all is well once more.

    Yeah, I didn't intend to write that much. Sorry to bore you. Also, some bits of it aren't as well thought-out as I remembered. Ah well. I also apologise for any typos I may have, erm, typoed.
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