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The Omskivar
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  • I guess, but I haven't yet helped you in any way x3 And then I don't feel like I've done anything for anyone else, other than simply being their friend...

    I'll try to stop by as much as I can.
    I got to sneak on for a few minutes.

    I... don't know what to say...

    Thank you so much...
    The RNG you used to find whether something hit or miss isn't the best. I would use the random integer generator here. Other than that, everything else seems to be fine.
    1 comment on your mock to become a ref:

    Chills replenish 10% at best. You reffed it as recovering 23% energy, which is simply just not possible. They can be less than 10%, but never more than 10%.
    You know, if you are stated absent, you have more than one week to collect your gifts. Not sure how much, but you can still pick them up. Just helping you. :D
    Haii! Welcome to TCoD! I'm Maniac Panic, right now, but please feel free to call me Silver! (most everyone else does) I love welcoming new members :3 Anyways! Please have a good time here, and if you ever need help you can ask me or anyone on here. They're all friendly enough :3
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