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  • Happy early birthday. X3
    I'm going to try and get you a gift(s), btw~
    Oh, and I hate to bring it up, but today is the day in which you'd be subjected to the 2-week ban (at The Smash Dojo). I've decided to put it off until tommorrow, but this is the last warning you'll get.
    Oh geez, thanks for reminding me. You know how these things go - I always put stuff off, even if it's something I want to do, and then I forget. And I'm getting fairly tired of beating up CPUs, since no one else is willing to play. In my spare time, though, I've been practicing with new characters. I think I've mastered Lucario (finally) and Yoshi (finally) now.

    Ganoncide! I like the sound of that. X3 Anyways, yeah, I'll probably look into that today and bug someone to set it up tommorrow.
    I don't like to nag, but you haven't posted at all in the new Smash Dojo. Fortunately for you, though, not much is happening to the non-Halberd-ers.
    Yes, yes you are cool now. :3
    Seriously though, is it just me or is it kind of strange that you got your eggs at the near exact same time as me? I mean, you should really take a look.
    Skymin & I had a terrible lag.
    Did you?
    I lost all of them. ~_~ Waah!
    I beat Skymin on the first one though.
    I was picking random character Lol. Anyway i've gotta go bed, seeya.
    As soon as I hook my Wii up with Wi-Fi, you'll be the first person I challenge to a Brawl~

    Of course, it may be laggy since I'm over in the USA.
    Yeah, the Jealous Bass is a bitch. Outside Club Titiboo there's a hot spring with a chicken that gives you eggs, and if you go in the hot spring with an egg it becomes a hot spring egg, which restores 100 HP. That's what kept me alive.
    I'm glad you understand. I've had the idea for a Mother RP, too, and I'm sad that now that one's actually popped up, I'm too busy to join it... :<
    I understand that you're really into this RP idea, but here's the thing: Unless Wal-Mart cuts my hours, things won't get less hectic. If they do, I'd be more than happy to join and take part in the Mother goodness. But for now, I just can't. Once again, sorry.
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