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  • Blah same situation for me.

    Haha, I am aware! I stayed with my cousins for a week who are homeschooled and maaan I don't if I could get used to it.
    My goodness yes it was xD I still have my I just don't go on often :3 I've actually been really good, my mom kinda ruined two days of this week but things are better now and the person I upset isn't upset anymore :D how about youu? :3
    I've been here for a while I just was absent for a lot of it xD
    I joined like...two months after my birthday so I'm not special D: aha, anyway it's been so loooong :D
    Allllllykiiiit :D
    I'm a terrible replyer even if that vm if from a year ago D:
    Ahh same I've kind of been on another one and I'm all sad when I come here. ):

    Good, though! School's wrapping up and stuff.
    I have Algebra 1 next year... Unless I get placed in Algebra 2, which is kind of inevitable in my case, since most Honors kids are put in Algebra 2... Which means I'll get more of these STUPID enrichment papers ; ;
    D: Math is evil. EEEVVVIIILLL!
    Trig is especially evil. Because technically I'm not supposed to be learning this poop. But my teacher gives us these "enrichment papers" and they have TRIG on them DDD;
    It's not okay!
    It's Shaun :D
    I was partying and spazzing out all day XD
    But nao... Math...
    I'm in 7th grade and I'm learning trigonometry WHAT IS THIS MADNESS DX
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