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  • Đồng tâm làm giàu
    mu mới ra
    dịch vụ thành lập doanh nghiệp
    thue phong tro
    Hà Hải Định
    - Tộc trưởng, tộc trưởng thật sự có thể khôi phục tu vi cho bọn họ sao, nhưng bọn họ đã bị phế bỏ đấu khí?

    Đại trưởng lão kinh ngạc hỏi.

    - Dĩ nhiên là có biện pháp, chỉ là bọn họ phải ăn năn thì mới được, nếu không thì ta không thể khôi phục tu vi cho bọn họ.

    Nhạc Thành cất tiếng nói.

    - Đa tạ tộc trưởng, ta đi nói với bọn họ.

    Đại trưởng lão đột nhiên mừng rỡ, tu vi bị mất đối với cường giả Đấu Tôn mà nói đây là chuyện sống không bằng chết.

    - Được rồi, chuyện này về sau ba vị trưởng lão các ngươi quyết định thương nghị là được, ta muốn đi thăm lão tộc trưởng, chuyện gì thì sau này hãy nói.

    Nhạc Thành cất tiếng nói với ba vị trưởng lão.

    Nhạc Thành nói với Đại Song và Tiểu Song một tiếng sau đó rời khỏi đình viện.
    :o I saw your criticism in Darksong's art thread.
    Things have got really bad for the artwork forums recently; nobody comments much more which is making a lot of art threads die. So thanks, and if you could keep doing that, I'm sure many people would be greatful. c:
    Indeed, they do... I have yet to bring the dragon back in, though. xD So who knows... my windows have been open for over a week, I think. It's funny to think that; normally I close them every once in a while, at least...
    xD Nah... I think it might be this dragon toy I got not too long ago... I took it out and put it in my parents' room, and I've been fine since. =/ So I was thinking maybe the dragon has latex in it or something and I'm allergic to that without knowing it until now...? Before I conclude that, though, I'm going to bring it back in for a while; maybe it was just a weird cold that coincedentally started when I bought the dragon and ended when I moved it.
    Something that I'm allergic to apparently lives in my closet. x_X My nose runs and I start sneezing if I stay in my room too long. It's... very... irritating... gaah. I hope I get over this. I practically live in my bedroom. xD
    Ah... a lot of my stuff I don't want to get rid of because "it was a gift from so-and-so, I should probably keep it even though I don't want it; I remember liking this thing once, I'll keep it"... the list goes on and on... I'm starting to get rid of old stuff though, and my closet is looking nicer. =D
    xD Yeah... urgh, my room is full of so much junk that I'll never use again, but yet I can't seem to get rid of most of it. >_> It's really annoying...
    Hi! ^^ Ah, don't worry, you weren't gone long. xD I'm surprised I'm still sorta active here; I didn't think I'd stay active this long.
    xD I agree, it's a time to learn, but I can't always relax there... or at home, when I have to do homework and can't start a lot of stuff that I'd like to because school is the next day... =(
    I don't much, either. xD I haven't talked to most of my friends over the summer, except for maybe once or twice. Only my closest friends I've actually hung out with so far. xD
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