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  • Translated. :D
    "I'm decent. Happy more than ever. How are you my friend."
    Congrats on your decent happiness.
    Thank you. I'm feeling slightly ill today. But I had a nice day. Saw spoilers of the new Magic cards. Slowly dividing the band between the empires of Spain, Greece, and Japan for war or something I don't know. (I'm part of the Spanish empire. Co-general second in command.) Plus the music for Snake Pit was finally printed and passed out. So we wll get to play it as a stands tune soon.
    Google isn't working for me, but I shall translate it at a later time when the Internet isn't glitching up. (most sites don't work today. Maybe it was the freaking Ark-flood worth of rain that managed to ruin several of my papers through my completely closed backpack.)
    But I'm hoping the issue will be fixed soon. Until then, happy birthday and merry Christmas.
    A friend made the flag, I made the maps myself in paint. The Siroccolo picture is Deliblato Sands in Serbia, the komodo dragon and hippo are just from Google Images, my general is the Irish hero Michael Collins, the tower is a tower in Boston, I think? The high-speed train is a picture of a real one from Spain, same with the solar tower, the Komodoist priest is a neo-pagan druid, the Clockmore School of Arts is a shot of one of the buildings in my university. All the politicians are celebrities - Christopher Plummer, Kevin Spacey and Patrick Wilson. The parliamentary seat diagram was made using an online generator that I can't find the link to at the moment.
    Well, I unashamedly admit that I lifted large segments of it from the Wikipedia pages of the three countries I was basing mine on - Ireland, Spain and Indonesia - so that cut down a lot of time. But total time, including research on Wikipedia and other websites for some of the really difficult geography? Definitely more than twenty four hours of straight work divided up over a few weeks. And it's still not done. I haven't even started the culture section. My best recommendations would be to pick a handful of countries to take inspiration from and then where they don't match your vision, go digging around in others e.g. I didn't like the Irish, Spanish or Indonesian healthcare systems, so mine is an amalgam of Italy and Denmark. Also, make sure to include realistic flaws in your country - I use Ireland's education system in my nation even though I can personally attest to its serious flaws, having just come out the other side of it.
    Alright, since you've played 358/2 Days then I'll ask your opinion: what did you think of Xion?
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