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  • Another new icon. Where do you keep getting all these icons? I want a new icon, but all the art shops are dead. You know any good, open ones? Oh and forget about that last post by me.
    Have dialga back. *hands you robot scraps* have these too. I feel nice. :) I also feel ummm... BETRAYED!! For some reason i am not able to contact richie guru and i tried EVERYTHING. Can you deliver this little message to her for me? Just say its from mowtom or something. Da message: About the art request shop`s badly filled out form, i would settle for the text in the shop of silent toasters raichu thing. and i meant to write mowtom in the text category. and i didnt meann green lightning, i meant green bg. if that makes it easier.
    okay! *controls dialga* Now i can also control tiiime and spaaace, looove and deeeeeath! Just like the dooor! *blows up robot thing* ROOOOAR OF TIME!
    *posseses mech thing* I love being a rotom.
    (could this conversation get any randomer?)
    is someone germany

    *soul floats into person* Tis alright. Being a spirit is cool and all o3o
    Because you just bounce around and you're an array of different colors. It's really cool.
    ctrl+i rolls a die, ctrl+m draws your starting hand/mulligans, ctrl+d draws a card, ctrl+w lets you look at x top cards of your deck, ctrl+u untaps all your permanents, ctrl+t opens the dialogue to create a token, ctrl+j makes a copy of whatever card you have highlighted, ctrl+p opens the dialogue to change the power and toughness of a creature card you have highlighted, and ctrl+L lets you alter your life total without having to left click (increase by 1) and right click (decrease by 1) your life a bunch of times. To highlight multiple cards you click and drag your cursor and, like, draw a box around 'em. So you can tap multiple lands/creatures that way. Oh, and double clicking a card in your hand plays it so you don't have to drag it out onto the field. Most cards that say they enter play tapped even automatically tap themselves if you play them that way.
    Maybe I should put these in a [hide] tag in the thread under the link to Cockatrice, or something.
    There might be a tutorial on their forums... There's also a solitaire mode if you just want to play around with the buttons and stuff without getting into a game with somebody. For me it was pretty simple to figure out but I could tell you what some of the convenient keyboard shortcuts are that I learned after playing for a while.
    Yay :>

    Hopefully enough people will join that we can do little tournaments and stuff! I'm pretty excited
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