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[11] Pathos vs Effercon (Ref: RespectTheBlade)


rage against the dying of the light
...Ok. I'll edit the reffing. Sorry about that.

EDIT: Fix'd, plus there were a couple of other errors I found and fixed.
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Ether's Bane

future Singaporean
Well, Throh cannot learn Gust, Twister, or Thunder, and chills are banned, so here are my actions.

Call back Throh ~ Resign ~ Handshake

Yeah, I know I've been beaten. Sorry it had to end like this, but my options are... pretty limited, to put it mildly.


rage against the dying of the light
Round V/V

Team Pathos:

[Heidi] Hydreigon (F)
Health: 39%
Energy: 37%
Status: -1 Sp. Def. 3 Double Team clones remaining.
Condition: Enjoying herself, but fairly exhausted.

Team Effercon:

[X] Throh (M)
<Inner Focus>
Health: 23%
Energy: 24%
Status: +1 Atk, +1 Def.
Condition: Hurt and nearly drop-dead tired.​

Arena Notes:
There is a large crowd of people gathered around the battle. A fountain is gurgling near one end, moderately away from the battlers. There are now three large ruptured areas of earth about the size of X clustered around him. Also near him are a number of sharp bits of cobblestone. Most of the cobllestone in the central square has been cracked or ruptured, save for a few spots away from the battlers. A skyscraper near Heidi's position has a few windows broken and some concrete cracked on the 8th floor from her impact. The fountain has been near destroyed, with a Throh-shaped indent in it.

Round V Begin!

Effercon looks around and assesses his situation. X is badly hurt, and Hiedi has near twice as much health and energy than X does. The way Effercon sees it, there's no way for him to comeback, especially with Pathos's "fly in the air and avoid all attacks" strategy. In the end, Effercon decides that he doesn't want to see X take any more damage. He walks up to the ref and says two words:

"I forfeit. "

Round V End!

The battle over, Both Pathos and Effercon call back their pokemon and hand them to the Unovan league official standing next to the ref. RespectTheBlade congatulates them on a great battle, and says that no matter who was the victor, both competitors showed great effort and prowess as Pokemon Trainers. He then proceeds to hand out prizes.

Pathos, the victor, gets $10 and is able move to second round of battles. Effercon, the loser, gets $5. RespectTheBlade, the refferee, gets $15.

Good match, guys.