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[15] Dazel vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)


oh man, good times.
1 vs 1
DQ: 7 days
Damage Cap: 35%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Pain Split, Perish Song, moves that KO the user; direct recovery is restricted to 1 use in the match, and Chills are restricted to 7 uses
Arena: Laverre City Gym

Fittingly located more or less at the center of the town, the building, seeming almost at one with the natural implements around it, fits the city's landscape that resembles a fantasy world. It may seem bigger from the inside, where its rooms, rowed and stacked neatly in a 3x3 arrangement with no doors or stairs to interlink them, give it the appearance of a dollhouse. To get by, special tiles on the ground are used; when stepped on, they envelop those above them in a soft glow, then warps them to another similar tile in another room. Naturally, making passageways of the walls, floors and ceilings is fair game (fairy game, even). The indoors battlefield is usually not affected by weather-changing moves, and nor are there bodies of water or other natural implements required for some kinds of attack (although one of the rooms does support moves that require bodies of water).

The various rooms can impact battle differently as Pokémon reach them. Moving to a different room can be done by taking an action to step on a teleport panel, which will immediately warp both Pokémon in play. As the rooms that can be teleported to from each room will be listed, the trainers can specify which room their Pokémon will attempt to warp to. The room to teleport into will be chosen randomly if not specified, or if the room that the Pokémon was ordered to warp to cannot be reached from their current room (which may happen if the Pokémon is teleported to another room before they can execute their own warping command). Of course, some Pokémon may be able to reach across rooms by more... direct means; in that event, the opponent will still most likely end up in the same room, without expending an action, as they will naturally chase their enemy, although it's possible for the battlers to end up in different rooms if one is ordered not to follow, or if one cannot follow. Even in these circumstances, both Pokémon will be teleported to the same room if a warp panel is activated.

The following are descriptions of the rooms, as well as their effects:
  • Entrance Hall - A plain room, laid in marble with golden patterns. It's the first room visitors see. The battle will begin here, and no particular arena effects come from being in it.
  • Living Room - A cozy living room with a wonderful fireplace and a nifty coffee table. Furisode Girl Kali can often be found lounging on this room's cushy couch and usually enjoys company, such that the first Pokémon to Chill during a given action will regain 5% more Energy by resting alongside the Gym Trainer. If a Pokémon is attacked while Chilling that way, however, Kali will grow tired of the disruptions to her break and not only cease to extend this benefit from then onwards, but also, have her Dedenne fire a Discharge at both battlers.
  • Fashion Studio - A room designed for work, although it's still as elegant as any other in the house. The table at its center is outfitted with a sewing machine and there are many other tools and materials of the fashionista's trade in the vicinity, most stashed in the endless cabinets along the walls, and even several manuals with valuable information of the art. By spending two actions in this room, a battling Pokémon can craft itself an useful accessory to gain any one Ability that the trainer chooses, barring Illusion, Imposter, Moody, Multitype, Protean, Stance Change, Wonder Guard, or Zen Mode. Note that being teleported out of the room will prevent the Pokémon from completing their work and may cause them to waste actions in the new room, and even if they've made some progress and were then interrupted, they must always start crafting from scratch. No battler can successfully craft an Ability-granting accessory more than once.
  • Study - A room with countless bookshelves on the back wall and an ebony desk at the center, inviting people to lengthy dates with literature. Frugal and underdecorated, the room almost forces one to focus on reading. Furisode Girl Linnea is often found dilligently studying here, with her Aromatisse nearby to increase her focus further with its fragances -- as such, all Pokémon in this room are considered to be under effects of a friendly Aroma Veil.
  • Bathroom - A surprisingly well-decorated facility, arrayed in soothing, pure tones of light blue, white, and seagreen. It features a bathtub with ornate legs and flanking curtains, and even the sink and the toilet are hewn into gallant shapes and colors. Moves requiring a nearby body of water can be used here. Additionally, by expending an action while in this room, a Pokémon can use the sanitary facilities or the medicine cabinet in order to heal itself off exactly one status condition that has been inflicted upon them. This can be done as many times as desired, although each instance requires a separate action.
  • Kitchen - In this Gym, even the food cabinets, oven, stove, and other such installations feature elegant design, of black and gold make. A dining table is at the center, with ornate tableware all over. Furisode Girl Blossom will happily serve the hungry battlers that pass by, such that any Pokémon that enters this room with no held item will gain a randomly chosen Berry.
  • Dressing Room - Simple as though its purpose may be, this room delivers thorougly, with a closet sized and sturdy enough to withstand an explosion, as well a full-body mirror and a vanity mirror. While in this room, a Pokémon can take an action help itself to a fashionable outfit of Valerie's design, allowing it to replace one of its existing types with a type of the trainer's choice. As these clothes aren't made for battle, being struck by a measely two damaging attacks will destroy the garments, ending their effects. Clothes can be taken from this room as often as the battlers would like, although only one outfit can be worn at a time, and they can also be shed with no action cost (although putting them back on does cost an action).
  • Bedroom - Dimly lit and very thorougly adorned in deep purple curtains, this room ensures comfortable sleep to anyone who doesn't fear the dark. The curtains and the low lighting help Pokémon to avoid moves, such that any battler in this room is considered to have +2 Evasion. Beware of making noise in this room -- Furisode Girl Katherine is taking a nap in the cushy canopied bed, and those who interrupt her beauty sleep will suffer the wrath of her Slurpuff, who will rain randomly chosen super-effective attacks from its movepool on all battlers (Hidden Power of a randomly chosen super-effective type is used against any Pokémon that Slurpuff has no super-effective moves to use against) for three actions (this damage ignores the damage cap). Exiting the room will end the rampage sooner, although Katherine will also get back to sleep, making it possible to entice her fury yet again in the future.
  • Valerie's Room - The most important of the lot: the spot where Gym Leader Valerie normaly holds battles. It's largely void of objects, with decoration going mostly on the floor and walls. An exotic wavelike pattern is recurrent in the room's design, as are iridescent tones of purple. Pokémon in this room are considered to be under effects of the Fairy Aura ability, and the base power of Dazzling Gleam, Valerie's prized TM move, is considered 10% instead of 8%.
The following are the rooms that the teleporters on each room can lead to, as well as the rooms that are adjacent to each room, for reference when, one way or another, attempting to move through rooms:
  • Entrance Hall: Can teleport to Living Room or Fashion Studio. Has the Fashion Studio to the left, the Study to the right, and the Living Room above.
  • Living Room: Can teleport to Entrance Hall, Fashion Studio, or Study. Has the Kitchen to the left, the Bathroom to the right, the Entrance Hall below, and Valerie's Room above.
  • Fashion Studio: Can teleport to Entrance Hall, Living Room, or Bathroom. Has the Entrance Hall to the right and the Kitchen above.
  • Study: Can teleport to Living Room, Bathroom, or Kitchen. Has the Entrance Hall to the left and the Bathroom above.
  • Bathroom: Can teleport to Fashion Studio, Study, or Dressing Room. Has the Living Room to the left, the Study below, and the Bedroom above.
  • Kitchen: Can teleport to Study, Dressing Room, or Bathroom. Has the Living Room to the right, the Fashion Studio below, and the Dressing Room above.
  • Dressing Room: Can teleport to Kitchen or Bathroom. Has Valerie's Room to the right and the Kitchen below.
  • Bedroom: Can teleport to Kitchen or Valerie's Room. Has Valerie's Room to the left and the Bathroom below.
  • Valerie's Room: Can teleport to Bedroom or Entrance Hall. Has the Dressing Room to the left, the Bedroom to the right, and the Living Room below.

Available rental Pokémon
  • clefable female Clefable <Unaware> @ Babiri Berry
  • wigglytuff female Wigglytuff <Frisk> @ Babiri Berry
  • azumarill female Azumarill <Sap Sipper> @ Wacan Berry
  • sylveon female Sylveon <Pixilate> @ Fairy Gem
  • klefki female Klefki <Magician> @ Occa Berry

Up next:
1. Barubu chooses a rental Pokémon
2. Lord of the Fireflies chooses a rental Pokémon and, if it isn't Wigglytuff, issues commands
3. Barubu issues commands
4. If Lord of the Fireflies chose Wigglytuff, he issues commands here instead, due to Frisk
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Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

I'll grab the Klefki; its nickname shall be Red 5.
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

I wasn't sure where to post this, but if it helps either of you plan or choose your rental or anything, I've made a (highly simplified) diagram of the arena. Also, would either of you mind if I wrote the reffings in a sports commentary style, like this?
Sorry for the double post, just saw this in the other late bracket thread and thought it'd be helpful!
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

Right, yeah. I'm planning to incorporate that once the battle starts, to make things easier!
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

No, you'll order first next round. For now, Barubu is up.
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

Am I? I'm not sure of LotF was actually picking wiggles or just asking what if.
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

Let's start off with a Safeguard. Then, Flash Cannon twice over. If you're unable to hit, or there are clones, set up a Substitute for 10%. If you can't hit and you already have a sub up, go for Magnet Rise.

Safeguard~Flash Cannon/Substitute(10%)~Flash Cannon/Substitute(10%)/Magnet Rise
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

Sofa, devourer of worlds and car keys alike, will not let meager energy shields impede her march for glory. Instead, she will make them her own, and shower the resisting pleb with thunder, and destroy their belongings with fire, or with her bare hands if she must!

Snatch~Thunder Wave~Incinerate / Knock Off

(on the last action, I would go for incinerate if it would burn the occa berry before activating it. If the effect kicks in anyways, I would go for Knock off. Can't really verify right now as I'm on my 3ds :/)
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

ok I checked and incinerate doesn't burn the occa berry before it activates, so I'll go with knock off. sorry for the double post, i can't edit posts while on my 3ds
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

“Oh, yes, you must be the ones from Asber!” Valerie says enthusiastically as the trainers enter the building. “Yes, please, come in! We’ve all been waiting for you!” And so, today’s two trainers walked in, and were immediately presented with five Poké Balls, with little labels above them telling the trainers what pokémon rested within. The referee, also competing in Shalour but whose match hadn’t started yet, teleported in with his Xatu a moment later, the current tournament manager in tow, to resolve a little confusion, and a moment later the tournament manager was gone and the ref was walking towards the back of the entrance room, procuring his flags. The two battlers chose their pokémon, and after apologizing for maybe having to slip out for a few minutes once his battle starts, the referee motions for them both to send out their pokémon.

Round 1

Red 5 – Klefki (♀) @ Occa Berry
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Type: Steel / Fairy
Ability: Magician
Condition: Ready to battle.
Status: Normal.
Commands: Safeguard ~ Flash Cannon / Substitute (10%) ~ Flash Cannon / Substitute (10%) / Magnet Rise

Lord of the Fireflies
Sofa – Wigglytuff (♀) @ Babiri Berry
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Type: Normal / Fairy
Ability: Frisk
Condition: Studying his familiar opponent.
Status: Normal.
Commands: Snatch ~ Thunder Wave ~ Incinerate / Knock Off​

Sofa and Red 5 had sparred before, of course – basically all of the pokémon at this gym had fought each other at some point – and Sofa knew exactly what her opponent was capable of. So when her trainer gave her commands, he was all too happy to execute them. Red 5, quite used to creating various barriers – she was a Klefki, after all, and her support abilities were one of her greatest strengths – immediately set to work creating a thin peach-colored shield around herself, providing a bit of protection against the status attacks she knew his opponent would be capable of using. Only once she was finished did she glance towards his opponent, and as soon as she did, she realized that a familiar dark aura was surrounding Sofa. The Wigglytuff smirked at her, and immediately Red 5’s shield disappeared, and immediately reappeared in front of her opponent.

Red 5, of course, wasn’t about to let that go unpunished. Without delay, she began to charge up Steel-type energy in her keys, and after a few seconds she released it in a blinding beam towards her opponent. Which was effective enough, but Sofa wasn’t as harmed by the attack as she should have been. Red 5 was confused for a second until she saw Sofa spit the seed of her Babiri berry onto the floor of the lobby, and begin to charge up a wave of electricity in one arm. A moment later, a wide wave of static electricity was flying towards Red 5, who was certainly not fast enough to move out of the way. The Thunder Wave quickly sunk into Red 5’s conductive metal body, and the Klefki glared at her opponent.

Not that Sofa cared too much – she was going to win this match, as revenge for the few she’d lost against this Klefki in the past. Right now she was resistant to Steel-type attacks and protected from any of his opponent’s status shenanigans, so all that was left was to set the stage for his domination. That occa berry would have to go. With a shrill cry, Sofa bounced forward towards Red 5, stretching out one arm behind her. The Klefki knew what was coming, of course, but her paralysis wasn’t letting her move anywhere – all she could do was brace for impact. And thanks to her typing, the impact was less painful than she expected it to be, though she was shoved backwards quite a bit – but in the meantime, she had plenty of time to prepare her next attack, and moments later Sofa was blown back to her own side of the field by another Flash Cannon. The Wigglytuff landed gracefully with a smile, a little bit battered, but thankful that the Flash Cannons didn’t hurt as much as they usually did. And more importantly, she was ready to let it rain next round.

End of Round 1


Red 5 – Klefki (♀)
Health: 94%
Energy: 90%
Type: Steel / Fairy
Ability: Magician
Condition: Ready to battle.
Status: Severely paralyzed.
Actions: Safeguard ~ Flash Cannon ~ Flash Cannon

Lord of the Fireflies
Sofa – Wigglytuff (♀)
Health: 80%
Energy: 87%
Type: Normal / Fairy
Ability: Frisk
Condition: Studying his familiar opponent.
Status: Steel moves are less effective (1 more action). Protected by Safeguard (2 more actions).
Actions: Snatch ~ Thunder Wave ~ Knock Off​

Arena Notes
~Map of Laverre Gym
~An Occa Berry is lying near the edge of the entrance hall.
~The battlers are both in the Entrance Hall.

Referee Notes
~Sofa stole the Safeguard, but is now expending the energy cost of maintaining it.
~Sofa ate his Babiri Berry on Action 2.
~Type-reducing berries, like Weakness Policy, activate before the attack, so Sofa used Knock Off on action 3.
~Did you know type-reducing berries sustain their effects for a whole round? Now you do.
~Lord of the Fireflies orders first next round.

Action 1
•Sofa gets ready to snatch.
•Red 5 uses Safeguard, for 2% energy
•Sofa snatches the Safeguard, for 2% energy
•Sofa has a Safeguard for four more actions (-1% energy)
Action 2
•Red 5 uses Flash Cannon, dealing 8*1.25=10% damage for 4% energy
•Sofa eats his Babiri Berry.
•Sofa uses Thunder Wave, for 4% energy
•Red 5 is severely paralyzed.
•Sofa has a Safeguard for three more actions (-1% energy)
Action 3
•Sofa uses Knock Off, dealing 9*.66=6% damage for 4% energy
•Red 5’s Occa Berry is knocked off.
•Red 5 uses Flash Cannon, dealing 10% damage for 4% energy
•Sofa has a Safeguard for two more actions (-1% energy)
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Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

Dude, Sofa's a gurl

Very well! I hoped you would have taken less damage, but we're off to a good start anyways. Begin with Gravity to further limit the Klefki's movements. Then aim true and try a Dynamic Punch! Finish with Fire Blast. Now, if she has a substitute on the second action, go for Fire Blast instead, and if Dynamic Punch missed on the second action, or you didn't use it on the second action, use it as long as the conditionnals on the second don't apply. Try a Work Up if she protects on action two or three. If she would somehow prevent the Gravity on action one, Fire Blast all round. Follow her if she tries to leave the room.

Gravity/Fire Blast ~ Dynamic Punch / Fire Blast / Work Up x2
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

Whoops! Since Klefki is actually gendered, make Red 5 female to match the others.
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

it's been a little while with this.

DQ Warning for Barubu. I don't want to set a 48-hour time limit on this, as while I'm writing this you haven't been online since it was your time to enter commands, but I'll keep checking your activity status and issue a DQ accordingly. If you see this and just want a little time to write commands, just post here and say so.
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

This is getting a tiny bit out of hand, so unless someone stops me, I'm going to call the DQ here - Barubu still hasn't been since the round was posted, but there was no absence sheet post and things need to move on.

Barubu is Disqualified. I'll handle it in the database tomorrow and allow time for Eifie to tell me not to do this if she so desires.
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

Yeah, unfortunately there's not much we can do. I wish we could open up the slot to someone else, but one round did happen and when this happened with VM vs Lilycolo we just had to go with it. Leave the database for now since this one was a rental; we'll figure out what to do with it when Zhorken's here.
Re: [15] Barubu vs Lord of the Fireflies (ref: Superbird)

crap, was really looking forward to this battle... If the database stuff's a hassle, I don't mind not getting anything. It's not like I deserve it haha
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