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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mafia


the dave of guy
xe/xem (plural)
Welcome to Animal Crossing: New Horizons!
It's a cool, breezy afternoon on Teacod Island. From the Resident Services building, you hear a calming bell tune as the clock strikes 6 pm. What with all the friendly faces, lovely shops, and flourishing wildlife, you have to admit - you truly live in paradise.

You grab a couple oranges off the orange tree and enjoy them by the sea shore. Yes, you're isolated, but it certainly doesn't feel isolating when you have so many good friends around. It's never bothered you before.

The breeze turns cold - freezing, in fact, but just for a moment. "Huh, that's weird. Usually the weather here is idyllic. Hope there's no big storm coming."

You eat another orange, and decide to go home for the evening.


d1 will start July 11th at 6 pm CDT (11 pm UTC). Day phases will be 48 hours. Y'all know the usual rules - don't copy/paste role PM's, don't speak OOT unless your role allows it, etc.
It's 8 AM at Teacod Island. Butterflies glide past your house as you wake up, although it's eerily quiet - usually there are morning announcements on the island, but not today. Odd. You head out for the day find two fossils near the Tailor's Shop, and decide to turn them in to Blathers immediately for assessment. Blathers is kind enough to keep his museum open 24/7 - although he is a night owl, so you might have to wake him up a bit...

You walk into the museum. Blathers seems to be taking a nap on... the ground? He's propped up against a bench - well, I suppose that isn't the weirdest sight you've seen on the island.

You walk over to wake him up a bit....

no response. You poke his shoulder, and he slumps face first onto the tile. Oh, god. There's one round bullet hole, execution-style in the back of his head. You feel faint....

You must find whoever or whatever committed this atrocious act immediately, and hold them responsible for their crimes.

Seshas has died. She was town.
Night 1 will start on 7/13/2020 6 pm CDT.
seshas when will we get to town it up together for longer than like a day phase smfh. :(
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