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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mafia

Mewtini I feel like you would love Herbe's write-up post!!! I nearly correctly predicted the n0 kill and almost changed the whole course of the game LOL
also, yeah, feel you with getting out of a course you don't like to something bizarre! ask me sometime how a CS major ends up doing geology
omg sign me up to hear all about it. I love geology, geography in general really! if it wasn't for all the chemistry involved I'd totally have considered studying it in uni myself

ahem! the game, huh. I'll have to admit I couldn't follow it as closely as I was hoping to, but as best as I can tell, herbe's done a bang-up job keeping things running. that's the easiest part of GMing, but still! I'm one proud big sis rn. I'm glad you guys had a good time playing!

I'll be looking forward to when it's my turn to run one again... but first, mawile's up!
tbh that was mostly because of this post at EOD the previous day:

actually no JackPK, and let it rand?
No do not, VIg claim should self resolve
which I assumed meant "he needs to self-resolve himself or else we'll yeet him the next day"
Oh no, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to be unclear, but I see how that phrasing totally was. What I meant was like, if someone fake claims vig, any real vig can just shoot the fake claimer - so someone who claims vig at EOD would not be a good yeet. So in that sense, a vig claim will "resolve itself" / doesn't need to be resolved by a yeet.

;______; thanks man
i will be fine i’m just upset right now because. i had the exact goddamn scumteam at d2 start but the only player rari and i disagreed on HAPPENED to be the pivotal one, i even said “maybe we should switch to bbt” because of koko’s un-claim and i just thought it was so weird that trebek kept autoTRing them


at least i finally correctly TRed rsp
Aww I'm sorry ;; It was clear you put a lot into this game and I thought you did well, for what it's worth - you were pretty scarily on-point during that last day and I think with more time you would have gotten there.
got carried by keldeo, trebek, and mist gang
also didn't post for 48 hours because I realized for the 500th time that I don't like playing mafia gang

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