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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mafia

ok so i am going to be alive again soon and rereading all this stuff about blu, but i’m just gonna play devils advocate for a hot sec beforehand:
but it doesn't mesh with my personal interpretation of how Blu's mind works when he's town, which is carefree.

this could very well be Blu’s town mind, but it could also be specifically Blu’s vanilla town mind

i do sorta agree with what mp7 is saying, just to be clear, but i think that distinction between v!blu and vt!blu could be important, since we have only seen vt!blu in the past

It's certainly plausible.
yeah, i don’t think it’s enough to make a clear case, but i thought it seemed plausible enough to mention as counterlogic
I'm glad you did.
I was worried earlier but think MP7's progression about Blu leading up to her vote and longpost make her... [adverb] likely to be town.

I did read the wolf slips as genuine and i freakin panicked because it's like 🤯 Bro you just posted PM stuff in the thread!!!

I admittedly have a hard time parsing jokes sometimes 😰 I try really hard but they slip by me at times
If you are faking this, please know that your tone is awesome.
I'm just like... his tone is, yeah, although I don't know if I was just coming into this just expecting his tone to be really good because it had been in previous games and also he seems like just that type of person out of game. I can see what you mean by the first paragraph of #618 (don't entirely get the second), like it feels more constructed or overelaborated, though Trebek's point against that is probably fair / would match what Blu is saying.

I just had such a visceral "ohh he thought it was real" reaction to those posts he made about Eifie and VM joking around, and I think Eifie did too, even though people whose instincts are generally good when they're town seem to disagree?

I can take another look at those posts later. mrrr.
Me when I wake up at 5am to take the meds that make me sleepy and then get thoroughly absorbed into game shenanigans: 😵
hey! you gotta make sure to tell yourself to take care of yourself!
B-but the town needs me! 😲 I gotta make the posts!

You are right in that self-care is not a good skill of mine 😅 But everyone else better be drinking some mf water!!
is it just me or have we been in a situation before where we yeteed someone based on their reactions to a joke i made d1
... aren't you voting blu right now too?
i am, i think his other posts warrant suspicion

from my pov though it’s amusing that the things i joke about can have such an impact on people’s reads of other players
is it just me or have we been in a situation before where we yeteed someone based on their reactions to a joke i made d1
did you mean me in tvt
no we misyeeted ILS and came close to
misyeeting ottercopter based on “reactions”
What made you want to bring this up when you're voting him? Are you beginning to think this is a similar situation where people are jumping on a town or something?
oh, i just had another Thought ™ (please someone tell me if this is stupid)

i think that there is an inverse relationship between blu’s acting skills and his likelihood of being scum

if blu can’t channel his carefree self on demand, then this very well could be w!blu trying his hardest to act towny.

but, if we consider the universe where blu could very easily flip a switch and sound like the blu we all know and love, then i feel like his personality this game feels much more like “i’m town but i have to deal with being important now this is scary” than “i’m scum and i should just pretend to be a VT for now lol”
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