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ASB password scare and related bans

Uugggggh fuck. Are you sure you didn't just reset it after I messed up? :(

Is there anyone else this is happening to? ... Is there anyone who can confirm that their temporary password has worked since I messed up (4:22 UTC last night)?
Alright, I have determined that I did, indeed, give everyone the wrong temporary password second time round. (Nobody who got a temporary password has changed their password since last night, and while I can't tell what passwords I did give people, I can tell that none of them were the right ones. I was just that stressed last night I guess.)

So anyway those should all work again, and everyone else should be sorted out soon.
I've got to wonder why the forums res ran presumably stored the passwords as plaintext in the first place, though.

According to res at least, it never stole the passwords from its own forums. It stole the passwords by hooking a custom script on to bulbasaur's forums (the first iteration of BfA forums). I don't think bulbasaur was aware that his forums were being tampered with.

Phantom said:
Drama things

Thanks for explaining what happened!

people said:
Something about BfA

I definitely don't think BfA is the sole source of all the drama going on; it's the only part of the drama that I know about though (since I left TCoD after BfA ended). And I guess I know a bit about Phantom-related drama as well... If anyone else was around for any other drama that has happened after BfA is over and want to bring it to light, now would be a good time.

Zhorken said:
Database Admin Stuff
Thanks! Zhorken, go take care of yourself :<
Aaaaand temporary passwords are out now. If you didn't get one, that should mean you have an email address set and can recover it that way, but if I missed someone, let me know.
I've been away from CoDF for some time and haven't really known anyone around here let alone these people nor have I ever participated in this ASB thing but skimming through this thread, a particular comment impacted me:

I'm still sad that so many of the people on this forum were part of the "Asberluminati". These were people I trusted and looked up to, and to see them turn on other members of the forum is... Well, it's really quite awful :(

I really, really want to believe some of them were innocent, but I suppose we'll have to see what the admins' investigations find out.

Eleven years ago, some online companions of mine within a community who'd I'd considered friends and had thought they'd reciprocated had one day taken the lead of a particular mod who'd always treated me like dirt although I never did a damn thing to him and lynch mobbed me.
I'm not going to disclose the full story as it's long and irrelevant to the point.

What I'm illustrating by even sharing a glimpse of my experience is that Vipera Magnifica here had really made me empathize with the feeling of betrayal that had overtaken this community in light of this uprising and I am here now, although it is quite belated, to send my heart out to those who were affected by it both by having their account be among those that were compromised and emotionally because they'd put their trust in and perhaps friendship towards the offenders.

Moving on from something like this can be difficult, believe me, I know and I am very glad to see that this forum has the dedicated staff and members to thoroughly put an end to this and recover the community so miraculously; a big round of applause to Crazy Linoone for her role. Reading the post that accounted the entire investigation, not to mention the fantastic relief effort for the compromised accounts kind of thrilled me because it felt like something out of one of my favorite crime dramas. You guys are just amazing.

Hopefully, as a result of such fine work the affected have been able to feel comfortable continuing to participate here and in the ASB thing.
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