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18,000 Degrees...
So, instant vaporization to any Pokemon that comes near Magcargo?
okay so if they'd said 100,000° it would have been less annoying because then they'd have one sig fig, so implied range of 0° to 200000°. but no, bah.

(this is why we don't necessarily take pokédex entries at face value)
clarify: it counts as two separate conditionals if there are multiple conditions under which one might want to disable?
Only if the way that disable would be used would be different (i.e. disable a move vs disable whole pokemon), different moves would be disabled (disable if flamethrower vs disable if ember), or the target is different (disable Mewtwo if it uses taunt, but disable Darkrai instead if it uses dark void).
wait, so what about, say, "disable any move other than chill or direct healing" or "disable any chill or direct healing move" or "disable any move it takes"?
One conditional each, assuming that there is only one possible target (the last one is just "disable").
so "disable if it uses either flamethrower or ember" is two conditionals, but "disable unless it uses [list of all moves other than flamethrower or ember]" would take one conditional, yet be the same thing unless a new generation happened between issuing commands and other person issuing commands?
Would you type that in a string like

Diasable (Flamethrower)/(Ember)


Disable (Ember)(Flamethrower)

To avoid confusion and ref aggrivation
Can a Drifblim pick something up with those arm-like thingies at its base? What if that something was about 93 pounds?

Can a Psychic Pokemon lift something around 93 pounds without using the move Psychic?
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