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ASB Rules

Doesn't matter, really; you just edit the first post after making the second one. It's probably easiest to post in the Pokemon Registration Office, because you need to have decided the pokemon to know the price. If you edit within a reasonable amount of time, though, people won't really care.
Got it. Thanks.

And another thing. How do we use items on our Pokémon during battle, like potion and stuff, or we don't?
Items like potions are not in ASB. The only items currently in use are the majority of the held items; descriptions of how they work/are used can be found in the various businesses that sell them.
If a person gets DQ'd in a four-person tag battle, does the entire battle halt or do the three people continue battling as usual? If it is the latter, is it posthumously treated as a two-on-one battle, or a free-for-all?
I believe you'd ask the remaining participants what they wanted to do and then move on accordingly.
If someone posted in the absence sheet saying that they'd be away starting from the day of a DQ, and then they come back say, 10 days or so later, will they be given another week or will they be given a DQ warning?
When someone posts in the absence sheet, they get a grace period of the amount of time they said they would be away plus one DQ period as defined in that battle, up to one month. Where they were in the DQ period when they left is irrelevant.
I have a question, please. If one of your Pokémon is currently engaged in a battle, can you send it out and participate in another?
(sorry about the lack of "@"s; I'm not sure how you're meant to do that when it could be directed at either.)

In a three-person battle, using the same attack but directing it at either Pokemon counts as two conditionals, right? Or can it count as one? I'd think two, since it's (attack) @Pokemon1/(attack) @Pokemon2, but I want to make sure, lest a lot of Pokemon mess up their commands this round.
Yes, if you have a situation like, "Flamethrower on Roselia, but if it protects, instead flamethrower its partner," that's two conditionals. (Flamethrower @ Roselia / Flamethrower @ Partner would be the usual way to format it.)
I have a doubt.

As far as I know, you can only fight with the team you had when the match started -- new members and alterations to current Pokémon are not applied.

There's this 3-on-3 match I'm reffing. One of the trainers only had 3 Pokémon when the battle began, and two of them are knocked out; the other one has a terrible type disadvantage. So, they suggested that they be allowed to send a Pokémon they didn't have when the match began; the other trainer is fine with it.

So, should I allow this or not?
I suppose, if the opponent's okay with it, but it's nothing I would want to make common practice.
I... was sure that I posted this before... Anyway.

Would it be possible to execute an attack and move one's Substitute in the same action?
A pokémon has no control over its substitute; the substitute is an entity with a very rudimentary mind of its own that really only understands the imperative to defend its master by any means necessary. If your pokémon is in danger, it won't be able to stop the substitute from trying to defend it.

You could physically restrain or move your substitute (bind it up, drop stuff on top of it, chuck it somewhere) and thus prevent it from defending you for an action or two (but it would be constantly be working to get back to its master, so you would have to work to keep it away from you), but most of those sorts of options would obviously require an action to execute.

I'm not sure if I understood what you meant by "move one's substitute," though, so if that doesn't answer your question, let me know.
Mmm, no, more like is it possible to use an attack such as, say, Psychic, and order the Substitute to go into a tunnel in the same action, even if the master Pokemon doesn't go into the tunnel itself?

Why yes I suck at expressing myself verbally :I
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