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ASB Rules

If a fire type is forced underwater (and is stuck down there), does it get knocked out or just take damage? If the latter, how much?
Unless it's actually stuck down there long enough to drown, it would merely take damage. I'd say 3% for each action held underwater.

Edit: Provided it's a fire-type that actually has flames or something that would be extinguished by the water. Otherwise, they're not going to take damage anymore than any other pokémon would.
Does switching (not through use of Baton Pass) take up a full action? In other words, could I switch at the beginning of a round and then issue all three commands to the Pokemon being switched in?
Whenever either player switches a pokémon not through baton pass or u-turn, the round stops ends at the end of that action. So, if one player has commands like attack ~ switch ~ attack (with new pokémon) the round will only be two actions long. Switching has higher priority than any attack, so on the second action the switching player would recall the pokémon first and the second pokémon would attack if it was using an attack that doesn't require a target/there was another target available.

You can switch on the first action, and if you are the person ordering first, you just post that you're swiching X for Y, then give Y's three attacks for the round. If you're posting second, you post that you're switching and what you're switching to; the first player is then given the opportunity to re-order based on your switch, and you would post orders for the second pokémon after that point. If you're going to switch on your first action but are ordering second (or later if in a battle with multiple people), it would be best for you to post out of turn to say that you'll be switching and what you'll be switching to, so that no re-ordering is necessary.
If a pokemon is knocked out, but its opponent faints in the same action from running out of energy, does it receive an experience point for "defeating" its opponent?
The pokémon who fainted due to energy loss gets the winner's experience because it managed to actually knock out its opponent before going down itself.
As I'm sure you're all aware, the English version of Pokémon Platinum was released on Sunday, meaning that all movepool changes introduced in the game are now legal in ASB.

Also, Platinum brings us the first usable pokémon with formes, namely rotom. I've added a small ruling on how formes work in battle to the main rules. It's pretty simple--basically, you say what forme the pokémon is when you send it out, and it stays that way through the rest of the battle.
Recoil no, burn yes. Any damage a pokémon does to itself is always free from damage caps.
Another question:

If there was a battle, but both participants agreed to end it in a draw after the first round but before either Pokemon got knocked out, would the Pokemon get experience? And would the people get money?
You mean like "I have a gabite and want a garchomp, but it has no experience--can I pay $X to evolve it?" No, not directly.

You could make a deal with another member in which you would trade your Gabite to them and they would agree to battle with it/otherwise get experience for it so that it could evolve, then trade it back to you in exchange for $$$ on your part. Alternatively, you could pay someone else off to use the Lacuna Labs service that converts EXP on a pokémon into rare candies, then have them trade the candies to you and evolve your Gabite.

However, there is no way to directly fund evolution with money, no. Except in specific cases such as caterpie, magikarp, beldum, etc.
My Nincada evolved, and I paid the $30 to get a Shedinja. When I evolved my Nincada, it had three exp. out of the two needed. Does my Shedinja now have three exp., or just the Ninjask?
What defines a water only Pokemon? As in, I remember seeing some fishlike Pokemon battle out of the water in the anime, and Gyarados can apparently float or slither or something, but none seem to be really confined to the water. And then some people have 'a pool for water only Pokemon' in their arenas, so..?

Just the ninjask.


It's not really that "water-only" pokémon can't survive or battle out of water, but they're at a serious disadvantage. It's usually the kind of fish-like pokémon, such as seaking or finneon, or the ones with no visible means of locomotion on land, such as kingdra, that have problems. They can survive and move around outside of water, but their mobility is very limited and many of their attacks won't work without a fairly large external water source (surf, for example). So while they can be used in arenas with no water accommodations, they don't prosper under such conditions.
I seem to recall it saying in the Registration Office that Shedinja counts as an ordinary Pokémon with Wonder Guard and 100% HP, but that was since edited out. Have Shedinja's mechanics changed, or is Shedinja still an ordinary Pokémon (albeit one that can only be hit by SE attacks)?
Perhaps you saw that line in the rules thread and not in the registration thread? I don't know why I would have put it in the latter place, but it remains in the rules anyhow--so yes, shedinja is a normal pokémon with wonder guard.
Hey...I was just wondering. Are Happy points the same as EXP for happy evo. Pokemon? I'm currently having a disagreement with a friend of mine.

You see. My Riolu was holding a Soothe Bell and lost a battle, so he got 1 EXP. But does he gain 2 happy points that count toward his evo?
I also have an item question, actually. The description of Exp. Share says:

A bizarre device worn on a pokémon's head that bristles with wires and rods of unknown purpose. If this item is equipped to a pokémon in a trainer's active squad that is not used in a battle, that pokémon may count the KO's earned by the pokémon holding this item as its own experience. If it does so, the pokémon holding this item does not gain any experience points for these KO's.

So I put it on an active Pokémon that is not in battle, say, my Treecko. Then Treecko can count the KO's earned by the Pokémon holding the item--which is Treecko--as its own, at which point Treecko does not gain any experience points for these KO's.


I'm assuming that the holder is the one who's supposed to remain out of battle and take exp from a battler that isn't holding the Exp Share, so I guess that's just a typo that needs clarifying. But then I also wonder... can the Exp Share only take exp from one Pokémon per battle, or can I use three Pokémon in a battle and give all of their exp to the holder? And at what point do you declare that you're using the Exp Share--when the battle starts, or when the exp is awarded? Because I can say at the start of the battle that I'm taking exp from my Zangoose, but then Zangoose ends up fainting with no KO's and Girafarig gets two KO's, or I can wait until the end and see that Girafarig had the better performance and take exp from it instead, guaranteeing maximum Exp Share payout. Does that matter at all? If I had two Exp Shares equipped to two Pokémon, can I spread exp gain between them?

I think that's all I wanted to ask about it.
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