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  • Not really. I don't like super-complicated arenas with lots of random effects, but other than that it's whatever you think would be fun.
    I'm down with either. If you want, we could end that one and open a new challenge, but there's no guarantee that would work any better than trying to get an e-ref.
    I'm looking into graduate programs in systems biology. Specifically, I'm interested in synthetic biology, although I'd also be happy looking at neurobiology. (That's what I wanted to go into as of the beginning of last semester... I don't think I'm really ready to specialize. :P)

    I'd love to be able to work outside the country myself, especially on something where I could be outdoors in the wild a fair amount of the time. (Though not all conservation stuff necessarily has an outside component.) There's definitely some cool places in the US you could do work too, though, of course.

    On an unrelated note, do you want to look for an emergency ref for our battle or call it off? I PM'd Kusari about it a week or so ago and it never responded, so it looks like it's one of those two options for now.
    That's pretty awesome. I'm looking to do more cell/molecular stuff myself, but I think zoology's really interesting, too. When I started high school I was convinced I wanted to be an ornithologist. But yeah, all animals are fascinating.

    It'd be neat to do conservation work, too. Is that something you'd want to do in a foreign country, like rainforests or something, or here in the US?
    Cool. What area of zoology/what sorts of animals would you be interested in studying? Bats?
    I never recieved an absolute confirmation from Dragon and yourself to continue the battle. If you'd like me to continue then please notify me within the next 24 hrs. otherwise I'll make it a draw.

    Best Regards
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