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ASB Rules

Yeah, that's just a typo. The EXP share is held by the inactive pokémon, and if you choose to send EXP to it, the active pokémon gets no EXP.

You can steal EXP from any number of pokémon that battled, but you always must take all of a pokémon's EXP (so if your girafarig earned two, you can't take just one from it). You decide where to send the EXP after it is awarded at the end of battle.

If you have two pokémon with EXP shares, you can distribute EXP between them, but you still can't split EXP coming from the same pokémon (again, if your girafarig earned two EXP, both of those would go to one pokémon--you couldn't send one point to pokémon A and one point to pokémon B).

...I think I need an EXP share now.

Will fix this later sometime, I think... I've got a few edits that need to be made to the rules and attack guide as it is.
A Pokémon is suffering from toxic poisoning and hits the battle's damage cap at the end of the round. Assuming it doesn't hit the cap again during the next round, how much damage does it take from poison: the amount it should've taken last round when it hit the cap, or the amount it would normally take at the end of this round had the damage cap not been hit?

Also, what happens if Rollout (or Ice Ball, I guess) is used as part of a combo on an action other than the last? Continuing to attack even though that would give more than three actions isn't fair, but would the Rollout just stop at that point or would the user just keep rolling around into stuff that isn't the opponent, or...?
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The normal amount; the damage cap wouldn't prevent the poison's potency from increasing, it would just prevent the pokémon from being affected by it.

I don't think I understand your next question. You could combo rollout like "Quick Attack + Rollout ~ Rollout" to quick attack into the rollout and then keep going... or maybe "Flame Wheel + Rollout ~ Rollout" to start off with a fiery attack, but in both cases the effects of the initial combo attack would fade by the second action (the pokémon would not continue to be on fire or super-fast). I don't know how that would give more than three actions, or what you mean by "rolling around into stuff that isn't the opponent" (why wouldn't they keep attacking the opponent, unless being told not to, specifically?).
Well, wouldn't a normal use of Rollout, unless the Pokémon was specifically ordered to stop, start the Rollout on whatever action and then continue to use it once on every action afterward? If the combo is "Attack + Attack + Rollout", that's three actions already. So would the round go like "Attack + Attack + Rollout ~ Rollout ~ Rollout", or "Attack + Attack + Rollout ~ nothing ~ nothing", in which case I'm asking whether the Rollout would just stop at that point or if the damage doubling/momentum would continue into the next round.

Sorry I wasn't clearer.
Oh, okay. If you did a three-part combo, all three parts would be executed in a single action, and the pokémon would stop the rollout unless it was the last action of the round, in which case it would stop only if told to do so after completing the combo.
If a Pokemon is knocked out by recoil, but takes its opponent down with it, am I right in assuming that the Pokemon who got knocked out by recoil still emerges as the winner?
I think the answer to these are somewhere >_>

Uh, does a damage cap apply to energy, and if a Pokemon hits the cap and heals, can it still lose health?
Damage caps don't apply to energy, and if a pokémon heals after hitting the damage cap it can't be damaged further that round.
Uh, okay. I'm a bit confused with how Rare Candies work. If you got Rare Candies from the ASB Awards, then when you give them to your Pokemon, do you link the EXP to the ASB Awards post or something?
You'd link to wherever you got the rare candies from, just as you would when using any other item you'd gained. So yes.

EDIT: My own question: if a Pokémon that evolves by happiness evolves again by level, do the experience points it gained while waiting for happiness evolution count toward that/carry over?
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Ugh, marill line, making my life all difficult... going to go with no, as that would lead to, in most cases, zapping straight from baby to final stage. Marill acts like a pokémon that evolves once only by level (three EXP).
I'm about to e-ref a battle. However, in the last round, the previous ref made a mistake (assuming Cyndaquil couldn't learn Blast Burn). Should I redo the reffing, or should I continue on ignoring the fact?
Up to you. I would probably just adjust the health/energy totals to reflect the blast burn, then ref on from there; so, adjust for the use of blast burn, but don't actually write an entirely new reffing for it.
Not rest; you have to be conscious to stay phased (or invisible), so you would just rematerialize as soon as you fell asleep. Roost is fine.
I've got a question about items; is it possible that a trianer will use a round to throw an item to his pokemon?

I.E. Your poekmon has just used/been stolen of his item. Is it possible to give him/her/it an item?

(As in, your pokemon has a berry and eats it. Can you give him/her/it another item/berry/Etc.?)
I noticed that when you're getting a new party, in the Pokémon Registration Office you link to the Bank and in the Bank you link to the Registration Office. So, where should I post first?
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