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Attacks and Abilities Guide

It's included in the attack's description now. If an attack has a "priority" class on it, the number indicates what rank it is. When comparing all the attacks commanded in an action, they are used in order from highest priority rank to lowest, with speed determining which is used first when there's a tie in priorities.
Your description of Reckless says that it doubles the recoil damage an opponent takes when it uses a self-damaging move against the Pokémon with the ability. Veekun's explanation says something similar. But Smogon and Bulbapedia (and the ingame description itself, for that matter) seem to imply that when the Reckless Pokémon itself uses a recoil-inducing move, that move's base power is doubled. So which Pokémon should Reckless actually affect: Hitmonlee, or the Pokémon attacking Hitmonlee?
Power Gem is supposed to involve gem-shaped energy beams.

As far as I remember, it's only learned by Pokémon that actually have gems somewhere on their bodies--Staryu/Starmie's core gems, Vespiquen's forehead gem, and so on--which suggests that it's meant to be beams of Rock-type energy fired from a gem, not just another "throw a rock" move.
I think I mentioned this on the old forum, so I guess it might've just been something that got lost in the transition when the old forum's stuff was lost; thought I might as well bring it up again since the old "throw a rock" description is still there.

Also, Cross Poison is essentially a poisonous version of X-Scissor, so its description should probably mention the "two-blades/claws/etc.-crossing-to-slash" aspect of the move.
Quick question

In Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, there is a Riolu that could use Aura Sphere... so..I was wondering if it was possible for Riolu's to use that move now
Kratos Aurion

Smogon is most reliable; changed the ability description to have the reckless pokémon deal more damage.

El Garbanzo

Changed cross-poison. Power gem can be used by some pokémon without gemstones (such as nosepass), and so was changed to be closer to the ingame description.


No, movepool alterations in spinoff games are not viable; it would be difficult to identify and keep track of them, as there's no pokédex that does that, and some of them no doubt get pretty strange.

Also, changed the description of double team a bit because I'm really tired of seeing people with commands like, "Use double team and make twelve clones!" Pokémon now create five clones on average to be more anime-like, and the fact that the number of clones made is dependant on speed is now stated directly in the description.
When in a double battle, could Substitute protect both team members or just the one that created it?
If you're asking whether two pokémon could get inside the same protect, the answer is no: the energy field will push the pokémon's partner out and away from them as it expands outwards from the pokémon creating it. You can put a protecting pokémon between an attacking opponent and its partner and possibly shield the partner from some kinds of attacks, but the partner won't be fully "protected."
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