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Attacks and Abilities Guide

Does the Metronome item boost the power of attacks called by Sleep Talk and Metronome, even if the same attack isn't called multiple times in a row? Also, does it boost the power of Hidden Powers even if an unown holding it changes the HP's type?
Yes, metronome boosts sleep talk and metronome, although the bonus is only applied when the attack called is damaging. For example, if you used sleep talk three four times in a row and got Tackle - Attract - Sky Uppercut - Frenzy Plant, tackle would be normal power, sky uppercut would be +10 power, and frenzy plant would be +20 power. Metronome will boost consecutive hidden powers even if made by an unown that is changing their type.
There's really no default. If someone just said "substitute" and said nothing about size, I'd probably randomize it.
Thanks. A couple of questions about Simple:

1.Does it affect your partner in a double battle?
2.Does it affect accuracy?
What happens when a Pokémon with a status condition uses Psycho Shift to pass that condition to a Pokémon with Synchronize? Will both Pokémon end up with the condition, or just the syncher? And if both Pokémon would end up statused, what happens if the user of Psycho Shift has a Safeguard up?

(I think you answered something like this before the explosion but I don't remember.)
Synchronize will bounce back status transferred through psycho shift, and safeguard does not block this effect.

ETA: Safeguard blocks psycho shift and prevents the shifter from healing its status.
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In a Double battle. When one pokemon uses Bide, and it's unleashed. Does it hit both the pokemon on the toher team, or just one?
It hits only one pokémon, and the target should be specified at the time that the bide is begun. However, if the biding pokémon is damaged by the target's partner, that damage still counts towards how much bide's release inflicts.
I am assuming that it isn't possible for a Pokémon that has used Rest to force itself awake early, right?
Nope, only non-self-induced sleep can (try to) be forced off early by the sleeping pokémon.
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