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Attacks and Abilities Guide

Perhaps it's just me, but there seems to be something... strange about Icicle Spear and Icy Wind. Like, large chunks out of the center of the paragraphs are missing.
Really? Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Because to me they look like this:

Icicle Spear said:
The user fashions a set of unnaturally sharp and hard icicles and launches them at the opponent. The number of icicles lobbed in this fashion is random, and though each one does little damage individually, it can add up quickly if most of them hit successfully.

Icy Wind said:
The user opens its mouth and exhales a weak gust of frigid air to attack the opponent with bitter cold. The user is slowed either by sluggishness in response to a sudden drop in metabolism or by a thin layer of frost that forms on its joints.

Pretty sure they're supposed to be like that.
Huh. It seems to have fixed itself now, but there was some sort of black... block or something "pasted over" the center of the post over those two attacks when I looked at it yesterday. Maybe it was just a one-time glitch, then (or maybe you're starting to break the forum again >>)
Two questions:

1) With Mean Look in effect, Faint attack doesn't work for...how long?

2) Since Mean Look doesn't inflict damage, the oppoent who said, and I quote

then follow up immediately with two Faint Attacks. Replace either or both of them with Punishment if Present succesfully damages you on either action.

That would mean that the guy would still try for Faint Attack, correct?
Something I just want to make sure about; if a Pokemon is asleep and uses Sleep Talk, and then Sleep Talk becomes Uproar, the Pokemon wakes up, amirite?

Three-five actions or so is the standard length for effects like that. As for the second part, I believe that if the pokémon was not damaged it was supposed to attempt faint attack, yes.


Noted. But here is my next question. Would the Mean look come before or after the other pokemon Used Faint Attack?
Noted. But here is my next question. Would the Mean look come before or after the other pokemon Used Faint Attack?
That's up to interpretation, really. Some people would say that the meowth would go first because it is faster than the ralts. Others would say that the faint attack would come after the mean look, because the meowth would have to wait to see what its opponent did before executing its own command.
Ah, the answer is probably very obvious, but I still wanted to make sure so I didn't screw up epically again. So, if a Pokemon has 2 double team clones and it's ordered to make 4 more, will there be a total of 6 clones, or will each clone/Pokemon make another four, so that it has 12 clones? My guess is the former, since the latter seems to rigged.
It will make only four more. Clones can't make more clones, nor can substitutes make clones, nor does double team make clones of substitutes.
I've been lurking on the forums here and I noted that in ASB battling, Hyper Beam-style moves don't seem to work like how they do in-game (Hit and recharge). Like, say... In your Metrenome battle with Kratos, which was very amusing read, by the way, Kratos's Smoochum used Frenzy Plant, then proceeded to use Draco Meteor during the next action. So, what are the downsides to the Hyper Beam-style moves? Do they just cost a bucketload of energy?
Okay. Just wanted to make sure (again), but if a Pokemon uses U-Turn, it'll be able to get its butt back in its Pokeball, even if the battle style is set, right? Or wrong?
Yes, although as per the description of baton pass, it must be sent out again later in the match with the same amount of health/energy as it had when it got switched.
Okay, I have another question. In ASB, Fake Out can be used during any action, but only has the 100% flinch chance during the first action, right? Say, if it's used in the 2nd action, the Pokemon will still go first, but the flinch chance is severely reduced. Just wanna make sure so I don't screw up my reffings :x
It only has the 100% flinch chance the first time it's used by a pokémon (regardless of what specific action that is), and the chance of flinching decreases dramatically with repeated use by the same pokémon.
Is it possible to use Disable in both ways (To make its previous move inaccessible and to immobilize the opponent)? Something tells me you can't, but if you indeed can't do that, then which version of Disable will take effect?
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