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Attacks and Abilities Guide

Could you combine Mach Punch and Close Combat?

Charge Beam should roll for its side effect as long as it's successfully fired, right? Even if it misses or hits a ground-type or something? (And the same goes for other moves, like AncientPower?)
I don't roll for extra effects on attacks that are blocked by detect or protect or miss entirely, but for things like hitting a ground-type or some other target I do.
Would a psychic Pokémon using taunt be able to communicate telepathically to an opponent to get its insults to be heard? (if their opponent was covering their ears or was too far away)
Would a psychic Pokémon using taunt be able to communicate telepathically to an opponent to get its insults to be heard? (if their opponent was covering their ears or was too far away)
Mmm, tricky. I usually consider taunt to have both visual and auditory components, so just covering your ears will only reduce its effects somewhat. A psychic pokémon could get around that by telepathic communication, but projecting something to a pokémon that was too far away to experience the taunt normally would still result in a reduced effect because the the taunter can't be seen, only "heard."
How much does Rest heal per action? Also, the description says that they're " 'asleep' ". Does that mean things like sleep talk and snore can't be used, or can they?
How much rest heals per action depends on how much health you need to regain. Some referees have health recovered at different rates (all recovered immediately, half recovered immediately, the other half split between the next two, etc.). I have it heal 1/3 the amount of HP to be gained each action.

And the user of rest actually does go to sleep, so they can use snore and sleep talk, be targeted by dream eater, and so on, like any other sleeping pokémon.
No. Rest always heals you back to your full health (usually 100%). Other direct-healing moves heal the maximum amount of health possible, to a cap of 50%. How much rest heals depends solely on how much health your pokémon has left.
Ghosts were only immune to bide in Gen II. Apparently it can also hit semi-invulnerable pokémon but eh.
Does Encore make a Pokémon repeat its encored move exactly three times or does a Pokémon gain an Encored status for three actions (i.e. when paralysis/freeze/flinch interrupts Encore, does that use an Encored action or will a Pokémon have to use the Encored move an extra time?) ?
If the pokémon would have tried to use the encored move but fails because it was interrupted or unable to complete the attack, its "encore counter" still goes down one. So if paralysis fail, flinching, or getting frozen prevent what would have been an action of the encored move, the pokémon counts that as one use of the attack and doesn't have to "make up" another action of the encore later.

However, if a pokémon is put asleep while it is encored, it doesn't even *attempt* to use the encored move, and when it wakes up it still remembers that it is encored. Therefore, if a pokémon has an unfinished encore when it goes to sleep, it will finish the encore when it wakes up.
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