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Attacks and Abilities Guide

Well, shouldn't it? I mean, a new Pokémon comes in after a KO, only to find itself being cut down to 52% health just because the other one had 4% left and shitloads of energy.
Lord of the Fireflies

I don't think that's very likely to happen, unless the player sending in the new pokémon was really bad, in which case they kind of deserve it.

If it were a prankster sableye then it would be slightly more difficult, but still dealt with fairly easily, and that's getting out into the range of astronomically unlikely to occur.


Yes, endeavor is affected by damage caps.
Really? How would you deal with a Prankster Sableye just waiting to Pain Split you? Also, the meanie could always chill to get enough energy to deal maximum damage.

I don't say they are common scenarios, just that it would be fairer to just let the cap take care of it.
Sableye can only get prankster through the dream world (and skill swap I guess), and nobody here actually has one.
What if the Pain Splitter has a Substitute? They cannot be knocked out before Pain Splitting in this case. The only recourse would be Taunt, which isn't always available, specially if there are too few possibilities among the remaining active squad.
Any multi-hit move would take care of that! Among numerous other tactics.

Ultimately, it's impossible under normal circumstances for pain split to do more than 50% damage, and it is almost always going to be under the damage cap. I don't think it's easy enough to set up a situation where you'd get an unreasonable advantage out of it to warrant altering it; if it turns out to be a problem, then I don't have a problem with revising the rule.
The three-action effect of Taunt includes the round it was used in, right?
Personally, I ref the action of Taunt as only counting if the Taunt user moved before the target, which ensures that any Taunted Pokémon will be forced to make the same amount of moves in that state.
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