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Bastard Mafia

The innocents do have a secret win condition that none of you were informed of in your PMs. You haven't met this win condition yet. It's something that can be achieved by normal mafia gameplay.
What is it, something like saying "dog" ten times?

dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog dog

puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy puppy

bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark

woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof

do we win yet?

sure let's keep this going, but you're going to have to start giving us more hints, Jack.
a) hasn't Altissimo already gotten a warning

b) I have zero ideas, so yeah, I think we'll need a hint if we're to keep going.

I'll give you a hint: Depending on what you decide to do, the town could reach an unambiguous win or an unambiguous loss today. Or you might have to keep playing. Depends on what you do!

(Again, think normal mafia gameplay: no weird stuff like lynching me or voting to end the game without a lynch.)

No one died.
48 hours for day phase discussion.
I sniffed ZM, because I think he's the last person alive who I haven't sniffed! He's curious, in case you'd forgotten.
Okay, I'm just out of ideas. How about everyone say what breed they are, and we go from there?

I'm a beagle.

I sent in the action to "sniff the Mafia" and got the result "you can't smell a whiff of Mafia anywhere"

So what do we do now? Have we tried abstaining yet?
Well, it's been 48 hours, so here we go.

Altissimo failed to speak during the day phase for two days in a row.

Altissimo was modkilled.
She was self-aligned.

The town wins!

The remaining dogs start howling a victorious melody over Altissimo's body, which remained sleeping in bed where she had stayed for so many day phases.


It was a mysterious and often uneventful game, but in the end, the town learned that, after all, sometimes it's OK to...

let sleeping dogs lie.


The end!

This game lends itself more to a Q&A format rather than posting role PMs and night actions, so here you go:

Q: Was the whole point of this game just to have people post dog pics and then end in a pun?

A: Yes.

Q: What was Altissimo's role?

A: Alien variant whose activation depends on her posting patterns rather than getting attacked. I'll just copy-paste her role PM:

You are a Shiba Inu.

You are self-aligned.

You are an alien-like role. You have two modes, activated and deactivated, but unlike a typical alien role, you can switch back and forth between the two under certain conditions.

You are a watchful dog who always stays up late. Therefore, during the night, you are always awake (deactivated). You are vulnerable to kills while in this state.


But because you stay up so late, you’re really tired during the day. In fact, when the day phase begins, you always shift into your asleep (activated) mode.

If you post in the thread while asleep, this represents you choosing to wake up and return to your deactivated mode. Once in deactivated mode, you may not return to activated mode until the beginning of the next day phase.

There is no way for you to post in-thread without waking up and deactivating yourself. Even if you don’t deactivate yourself, you will return to deactivated mode when the night phase begins.


If someone tries to kill you when you’re asleep (activated), that really pisses you off, and you take it out on everybody else, killing them all. This is your only win condition.

(The rule about speaking during the day phase still applies to you, but note that I changed it from my previous mafia games — now you are only penalized if you don’t speak two days in a row.)

Q: What was MF's role?

A: Vigilante. I was trying to make it slightly easier for the town by giving them a way to get rid of the alien without the activated/deactivated dance.

Q: What was up with sniffing?

A: Everybody else's power was to sniff someone else. Every player was assigned an adjective at the beginning of the game based on a quality I felt was exemplified by the dog photo in their role PM. Sniffing essentially didn't do anything except encourage people to feel like they were participating and increase the amount of dog flavor.

Q: Am I ever going to do anything half as bastardish as this again?

A: Fuck no.
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