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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Mafia.

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Hello, and welcome to Sunnydale! I hear that the BtVS club has been wanting to play a BtVS-styled mafia? Thought I'd organise one, then.


The Master - The leader of the Vampires of Sunnydale, for this particular game of mafia. He acts as the leader of the vampires, delivering the action PM. The Master will discuss with fellow vampires Darla and Drusilla who to kill during the night phase. He as the final say over anyone in the Vampires faction. As per usual, when inspected will appear as mafia and when he dies, will also show as mafia.
NOTE: He MUST specify which vampire (himself, Darla or Drusilla) is performing the kill in order for Riley's/Cordelia's role to work.

Darla - Darla is the Master's 2nd in command, for this game of mafia. She and Drusilla will discuss with the Master during the night phase who to kill. If the Master is killed, Darla will become the head of the vampires. Will scan and 'die' as mafia.

Drusilla - Drusilla is the Master's 3rd in command, for this game of mafia. She and Darla will discuss with the Master during the night phase who to kill. If Darla is killed, Drusilla will become the head of the vampires. Will scan and 'die' as mafia.

Harmony - Harmony will act as this game's terrorist. If inspected, she shall appear innocent. When she dies, she will appear innocent. More of a nuisance than an actual threat, she works with those she deems the most powerful to annihilate the Scoobies. She may at any point during the day phase choose to attack another player to kill them. In doing so, she will also die due to attacking in sunlight, bursting into flames.


Buffy Summers - The Slayer. The one girl, who in all the world has the power to stop the oncoming threat of death, doom and destruction about to spew out of the hellmouth. During the night she can opt to Slay another player. Choose carefully.

Rupert Giles - The Watcher. Overseer of Buffy's slaying activities, he has access to knowledge of the occult. Every night, he may choose to Research another player, learning their alignment as either Mafia or Non-Mafia.

Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay - Witch. Using her magic, she can cast a protective spell over one player every night, to protect them from harm coming to them that night. This magic circle however, does have some side effects. If Willow and Tara target the same person in the night, then that player will die.
...I guess that's just how magic works.

Xander Harris - Lover. A founding member of the Scooby Gang. He is a good guy with a good heart but he has had more than his fair share of crushes. On the first night, he must choose someone to love. Once chosen, these people may communicate about anything they wish. If Xander dies, his lover will commit suicide and vice versa.

Anya Jenkins - Vengeance Demon. Once upon a time, Anya was an immortal demoness, scouring the world to grant the wishes of women with unfaithful partners. Now, she is trapped as a human, destined to die as a mortal. If she is killed or lynched, she may choose to commit an act of venge, taking that person with her to the grave.

Cordelia Chase - Cheerleader. The girl who speaks exactly what she's thinking. She once was the most popular in school and from her good old glory days has a few tricks up her sleeves. Or miniskirt. During the night, she may choose to sleep with another player, inhibiting their night action because they're too 'distracted', if you know what I mean.

Dawn Summers - Kleptomaniac. She may choose during the night to summon the Dancing demon Sweet, preventing all night actions. Spontaneous musicals and dancing guaranteed. This power is ONE USE ONLY.

Riley Finn - Worker of the Initiative. Riley Finn can at night, target a player. He and his Initiative buddies will then brainwash that target into hitting someone else of Riley's choice with the target's night action.


Spike - Slayer Hunter. Spike acts as this game's alien. A microchip implanted in his brain prevents him from doing anything. He is an Inactive Slayer Hunter, and will scan and 'die' as innocent. If he is attacked by the Vampires during the night, the microchip will break, unrestricting his powers, becoming the Active Slayer Hunter. Once at full potential, he will lie, waiting for the right moment to strike. If he is lynched during the day phase he will destroy the Scoobies and the Vampires, winning the game solo. As Active Slayer Hunter, he will scan as 'vampire', but will 'die' as innocent.

Variable Alignment.

Ben/Glorificus - Split Personality. On the first night, Ben/Glorificus must choose an alignment. Both Ben and Glorificus possess the same power. At night, the player must choose a player to target, where one of 4 things can occur.
There is a 25% chance that Glorificus will take over and kill the targer.
There is a 25% chance that Ben will take over and heal the target. (This can clash with Willow and Tara).
There is a 25% chance that they will perform a brain suck together, learning the alignment of players.
There is a 25% chance that they will squabble over who has the dominant form, and perform no action.

Turn order of the night phase.
(0. Kleptomaniac.)
1. Cheerleader.
2. Inspector, Worker of the Initiative.
3. Witches, the Slayer and Vampires.

Glorificus/Ben will slot in wherever is appropriate for that night.

Other rules.
NO out of thread discussion, besides those specified in roles.
If you have any questions about your role, please feel free to PM me about it!
If you have a night action, but wish not to use it (Slayer, Kleptomaniac), please PM me saying so!
Description is non-indicative of the methods of murder.

If I've forgotten anything, please say so!!!

Enjoy. :3

EDIT: Forgot to add, roleplaying the characters out would be pretty funny. :x
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I need two more people to join before we can really get started.

I'll probably close sign ups in 2 to 3 days, depending on how things go.


Apologies for the double post.

Due to the lack of interest, I've decided to axe the role of Dawn, to cut the roles down to 14. I'll send out roles soon.
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