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Erindor the Espeon

How do you do? Pleased to meet you. I'm Erindor.
After looking at the (what I consider to be) horror of the new pokemon, I am wondering why these aren't in the new games instead of the lameness of the...shudder, victory pokemon.


a million miles of water

would you mind if i used flasheen and dynameen as the electric rodents in my fake games? you'd get full credit for the designs. :]


a million miles of water
awesome thanks! c: i'll be sure to give you a free copy if i ever get to canada again c:


New member
Hi, FMC~

Would it be possible for you to draw a Ghost/Steel-type for me?

I'm usually shy, quiet, and sneaky. I'm also highly protective of myself, a pretty swift runner, and I love the wind.

Also, lavender's my favorite color, so could you make part of it that color?

Anomaly 54

Used to be Cheat Master
An electric type for me. My TCoD "What Pokémon are you?" results are in my sig.
As well as that, I crack heaps of jokes and am really fast



I'm afraid I'm probably not gunna keep doing these for a while guys :C sorry. I'll let you all know if I start again though.