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Coroxn vs Melodic Harmony(Ref: Skyman)


Well, it's been a while hasn't it?
3vs3 single
DQ: 10 days
Damage Cap: 33%
Banned Moves: OHKO's, suicide moves, direct healing, weather moves, most Ground-type moves (Earthquake, Mud-Slap, etc.)
Arena: A Bowl of Lucky Charms

Either everyone has been shrunken temporarily or this is one seriously huge bowl of Lucky Charms cereal! Typically, only one Pokémon could fit comfortably on a single marshmallow or oat bit, but if they are small enough or are flexible enough to position themselves appropriately, both battlers may stand on the same piece of cereal. Every edible platform in this gargantuan bowl is floating in creamy, cold, white milk. While this milk is as smooth as and can be used in the same ways as water, Pokémon submerged within it are virtually blind, as you can't exactly see through such an opaque white liquid. Any Pokémon with a flame on its body will receive 1% damage for every action that its flame is submerged. An invisible force-field is in the form of a dome above the bowl, completing it to make a sphere shape - because of this, the Pokémon cannot exit the cereal bowl. The ceiling of a kitchen can be seen far above the bowl.

The oat bits are either an X-shape or in the shape of the number 4. There are various kinds of marshmallows, including pink hearts, blue half-moons, green clovers, purple horseshoes, shooting stars, red balloons, orange "pots of gold", "rainbows" (actually just an arch of pink, yellow, and blue), and golden doors. While it won't happen if the marshmallow is simply floating around, a key-shaped hole will appear in the golden doors if they are drenched with water and/or milk.

At any time, either Pokémon may use one action to consume part of an oat bit (never a marshmallow!) or some milk. The oat will heal 5% health, while the milk will restore 3% of both health and energy. Every round, there is a 5% chance that a giant will eat some cereal with a proportionate silver spoon. While neither Pokémon nor humans within the bowl will be eaten, some bits of cereal may be scooped up and a tiny wave will travel throughout the bowl, which would probably knock most Pokémon into the sea of milk. After this, the cereal will not be replaced, so it will be a bit more difficult to maneuver with less to stand on.

At the end of the round, there is a 10% chance for both Pokémon to munch on an adjacent marshmallow. What type of marshmallow is chosen at random, and they have the following effects:

- Pink heart: Restores 7% health
- Blue half-moon: The effects of Gravity take place for the duration of the next round.
- Green clover: The Pokémon's attacks will all start at a critical hit domain of one higher than normal for the duration of the next round.
- Purple horseshoe: For the next round, the Pokémon's speed is increased by 1.
- Shooting star: For the next round, the Pokémon take the form of each other. They have access to each other's ability and movepool, but the health and energy remains based upon who is commanding the Pokémon. If both nibble on shooting stars, nothing happens.
- Red balloon: For the next round, the Pokémon gains the ability to consensually hover. If it could already hover or fly, its speed is increased by 1 instead.
- Orange pot of gold: The Pokémon's trainer gains an extra $1 at the end of the battle, not exceeding a maximum of $3 as a result of this bonus. If the $3 limit is reached and this marshmallow is nibbled again, the Pokémon instead regains 5% health.
- Rainbow: The Pokémon's type changes each action of the next round to ensure it doesn't receive super-effective damage. At the end of the next round, its typing is returned to normal.
- Golden door (solid): Safeguard is activated for this Pokémon during the next round.
- Golden door (keyhole): The Pokémon gains +1 Attack and Special Attack for the next round.

Other: Only basic- or baby-stage Pokémon may be used.
Concerning the marshmallows, I do mean both Pokémon. So if they nibble on marshmallows at the end of the round, both Pokémon will do so, though the marshmallow nibbled will probably be different for each. In essence, there will never be a round where one Pokémon nibbles a marshmallow while the other doesn't.

Coroxn's Active Squad


Paris the Male Piplup
Ability: Torrent
More info...


Alexiares the Male Cloyster
Ability: Shell Armor
More info...


Stymphalian the Male Starly
Ability: Keen Eye
More info...


Delphi the Male Abra
Ability: Inner Focus
More info...


Medusa Of The Seas the Male Frillish
Ability: Cursed Body
More info...


Charybdis the Female Shellos
Ability: Sticky Hold
More info...


Bessae the Male Ralts
Ability: Trace
More info...


GlaDOS the Unknown Porygon
Ability: Download
More info...

Melodic Harmony's Active Squad


Sekitan Iki the Female Charmander
Ability: Blaze
More info...


Tsuri Taishi the Female Deerling
Ability: Sap Sipper
Item: Razor Claw
More info...


Akushitsuna Mojin the Male Drilbur
Ability: Sand Force
More info...


Okori Yasui the Male Poliwag
Ability: Water Absorb
More info...


Arashi No Shishi the Male Shinx
Ability: Rivalry
More info...


Sutekina Kanakirigoe the Female Woobat
Ability: Unaware
More info...


Dokusei Tamariba the Female Gastly
Ability: Levitate
More info...


Kyohaku-Tekina the Male Nidoranm
Ability: Poison Point
More info...


Sora No Dansa the Female Swablu
Ability: Natural Cure
More info...

The great RNG says:

-Coroxn sends out
-Melodic Harmony sends out and attacks
-Coroxn attacks
-I ref
Porygons scare me =,(

I'll send out Kyohaku-Tekina! He can also be referred to as Haku, since I know his name is kind of long =p

Start out with Toxic unless GlaDOS Protects or uses Magic Coat, in which case use Hone Claws, or if GlaDOS retaliates with Thunder Wave, in which case I want you to make a 10% Substitute. You're faster, anyway =)
...for now I guess =/

Then, um... let's try Venoshock for the remaining two actions and see where that takes us.
On the third action, if your Substitute is gone and GlaDOS tries to inflict a status again, make another, also 10%. And whenever GlaDOS uses Protect, you use Hone Claws.

And try to stay balanced on your breakfast! <3

Toxic/Hone Claws/Substitute (10%) ~ Venoshock/Hone Claws ~ Venoshock/Hone Claws/Substitute (10%)
Declaring a draw between Munchkin and Coroxn

No rounds have been reffed, therefore no prizes are to be distributed to either participants (unless I'm mistaken).
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