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Kung Fu Ferret

King of Uruk
I have some more Uthingolian Pokemon and forms to share!

Uthingolian Hippopotas and Hippowdon are Dark/Water types with the ability Drizzle. Many inexperienced trainers had their journeys cut short by these bad-temper Pokemon.

Stenchog, the Poison/Normal-type Wild Pig Pokemon. This Pokemon eats various mushrooms that humans can't eat. The warty bumps on its face are actually poison sacs it uses to deter predators.

Dredabeest, the Stampeding Pokemon. Dark-type. According to an old fable, seeing a herd of these Pokemon on the mood through a valley meant the passing of someone important was imminent.

Uthingolian Torkoal is a Ground/Electric type that generates electricity with Solar Power. It is apparently protective of its territory.

EDIT: Since I don't wanna double post.... I will reveal the evolved forms of the Uthingo starters.... NOW! They evolve first at lv 15, and again at lv 38!

Crocacia evolves into Thorndile, and then into the Grass/Dark-type Brutaspine. Pyrazell evolves into Blazebok, and then into the Fire/Steel-type Vulkudu. Lolquid evolves into Tentomic, and then into the Water/Fairy-type Krakemup.

Final forms based on a Spinosaurus/Warrior, Greater Kudu/Blacksmith, and Colossal Squid/Jester respectively
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I liek Squirtles

sobble squad
My friends and I have been doing this thing where we get together once a week to just write. Ideally it's for monologues and dialogues, but really the space is open to whatever people want to write.


The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
OK: first create stuff and chill post. The beginning of my fanfic. Not very good yet. Please leave your opinions.
Name: Indigo's Voyage.

I was going to attach a PDF but it wouldn't download due to technical difficulties so i put it in a spoiler as to not hurt you eyes. The formatting is all wrong..

Indigo’s Voyage.

Part 1.
Chapter 1.
Indigo was asleep. A Pokeball was clutched in her left hand. Her alarm clock, shaped like a great ball, began to make a noise. A loud beeping noise that got more and more loud. Indigo was shaken up and she pressed a button at the very top of it.

Indigo looked around her room, clothes were strewn all over the floor. Countless posters advertising Pokemon matches plastered her wall. Two long white socks were lain on Indigo’s bed.

“My room is a mess,” she said, “At least I don’t have to clean it when I set out to challenge the Pokemon league!”

Indigo slid out of bed and opened a small closet. It had one pair of clothes inside.

“At least most of my clothes are in my bag.”

Indigo slid on a purple t-shirt. Very short white shorts, and a small white jacket to go on over her shirt. She slid on a black trainer hat.

“I look like a Pokemon Trainer,” Indigo smiled.

She grabbed a large bag, slid on the tall white socks from her bed, and put on two thick black boots.

Now I look like a Pokemon Trainer,” Indigo said.

Indigo adjusted her bag onto her shoulder, and opened the door. She ran down the stairs. A boy, who was a little younger than Indigo was walking down the stairs in a dark blue robe. “Hi Blue!” Indigo waved.

“What’s up, Indie?” Blue smiled.

“I told you not to call me Indie!” Indigo scowled at Blue and she kept running down the stairs. She ran into the kitchen. “Happy Birthday, Indigo!” Daisy, Indigo’s sister and Mom said together. Indigo sat down at the table for a stack of pancakes. Indigo lathered on syrup. Mom stared at her.

“It’s my birthday,” Indigo smiled sheepishly before putting a little more syrup on top.

Blue came into the Kitchen.

“Mom, why can’t I get a Pokemon yet?” Blue asked. Daisy and Mom both stared at Blue.

“You can get a Pokemon when you are Twelve. Like Indigo is today.”

Indigo had now finished a full pancake.

“You gonna say happy birthday or something?” Indigo asked, muffled through a full mouth of pancakes.

Blue looked a little surprised.

“Sure... Happy birthday!” Blue said, slightly unenthusiastic.

Indigo took no notice and started on another Pancake. She set it down almost immediately.

“Mom?” Indigo asked.

Mom turned around, and looked taken aback.

“You’ve never called me that before.”

Indigo smiled awkwardly.

“Yeah but, it feels weird calling you by your name now that I’ve lived here almost 7 years.”

Mom glanced over.

“I understand that.”

Mom went over and patted Indigo on the back.

“Hey mom?” Asked Indigo through a full mouth.

Indigo’s mom looked right Into Indigo’s bright eyes, purple because of her contact lenses.

“Is it OK if I get my starter Pokemon now and come back for pancakes?” Indigo asked Mom.

Everybody stared at Indigo.

Daisy was the first to speak, “You’ve never wanted to miss pancakes before.”

Indigo had already gotten up from the table.

“Yeah, but I really want a Pokemon.”

Indigo ran to the Door.

“I’ll be back for the rest of the Pancakes.”

Blue chuckled evilly.

“Sure she will...”

Indigo ran across the small town of Pallet town. She saw the man who thinks technology is amazing.

“Technology is Amazing!” He exclaimed as Indigo ran past him. Indigo didn’t care much about what he was talking about. She just had to get to the Pokemon lab to get a Pokemon. She had wanted one all her life. She was going to be the Pokemon league champion of Kanto.

Her parents were the Champions of Kanto, together. That is, until the Great Kanto War. When Indigo was three, Indigo’s parents went off to fight in the Kanto war. Indigo went to stay with Daisy, Blue and Mom. Indigo was upset it wasn’t Red. Indigo really likes Red. Red is awesome.

But no.

She had to live with Jerky, Stubborn Blue. But at least it wasn’t permanent.

Wait, When Indigo was five, her parents died.

Indigo’s parents died when she was five.

And then Indigo had to stay with Blue for the rest of her life. And her parents Pokemon were left in their will, to a strange man named George or Giovanni or whatever. She didn’t get their Pokemon.

But now, she did get A Pokemon. And she was just seconds away from receiving it.

She pushed the door open to Professor Oak’s lab.


Sara, Professor Oak’s assistant held her finger in front of her mouth.

“Shh… he’s on a phone call.”

Indigo looked embarrassed and inched back a bit.

“Sorry Sara.”

Indigo paced around in circles. She could hardly contain her excitement. Her Pokeball was squeezed by her hand. Pretty soon, she’d have a Pokemon in it.

Professor Oak walked forward, “You’re early, Indigo,” He exclaimed with a smile.

Indigo blushed.

“I wanted to get my Pokemon right away, Grandpa!” Indigo ran forwards past Professor Oak.

Professor Oak smiled.

Indigo ran up to a table with three Pokemon. “What Pokemon should I get? Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle?”

Professor Oak looked at Indigo.

“I have another Pokemon too.”

Professor Oak ran to a table and grabbed another Pokeball.

“Is it one of those rare Pokemon like you gaved white?”

Professor Oak glared at Indigo.

“Gaved? You would say, like I GAVE white.”

Indigo crossed her arms.

“Whatever. But is it one of those rare Pokemon?”

Professor Oak smiled.

“Yes. It’s even more rare than white’s Pokemon.”

Indigo smiled.

“I was going to release it. But I thought you would like to keep it. I’ve been studying it for the last week.”

Professor Oak grabbed the bright red-and-white Pokeball, and opened it up to let out a small pink cat with a long tail and legs. It floated around the Lab.

“Aww… it’s so cute. What is it?”

Professor Oak glanced over at Indigo.

“That is Mew. A mythical Pokemon.”

Indigo’s eyes sparkled.

“Wow. You’d really let me get a MYTHICAL Pokemon!”

Professor Oak just nodded.

“You know you’re my favourite adopted granddaughter.”

Professor Oak hugged Indigo tightly.

“I’m your only adopted granddaughter,” Indigo laughed.

Mew hugged Indigo as well.

“Aww… Mew.”

Indigo hugged Mew. Professor oak stared fondly.

“You seem to get along just fine with Mew. Here you go,” said Professor Oak as he handed Indigo mew’s Pokeball.

“Thank you sir.” Indigo looked very happy.

Professor Oak scowled.

“There is no need to call me sir.”

He looked around. Indigo was not there. All there is was an Open door, still swinging a bit.

Yes my grammar is awful... I know. and btw her name is Indigo (familiar...) and that is the inspiration for my Pokemon Screen name. No she is not a wish fulfillment mary-sue.

Kung Fu Ferret

King of Uruk
Now for some major legendaries of Uthingo!

Khioset is based on the Egyptian god Set and a basilisk, and is a Dark/Ground-type.
Halmorus is a Flying/Electric type based on the Egyptian god Horus and a griffin.

Two of the mythical Pokemon in Uthingo are Kamlahgemm, Fairy/Dragon type based on Agemo the wise chameleon of Yoruba folklore, and Cemerday, a Ghost/Normal-type based on the Haitian Voodoo Loa named Baron Samedi.


The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
Not exactly... i could do a rough sketch, but you might have to ask someone else to get the whole thing done.
If you want i can see what i can sketch/sprite.


All is fair in love and war
I love how all these fakemon and regional variants sound! ^^ It seems like you're doing a whole lot of research into Africa and its cultures to make these, and that's always great. I really especially like how you're making Poochyena an actual hyena.

IndigoEmmy, I think your fanfic is really cute and entertaining! I'm interested in seeing where it goes and what kind of people and Pokemon Indigo meets :D And to learn more about things like who White may be, and just how Oak caught or befriended Mew... great effort so far!

As it is April in my timezone, I have created a new page for my website of incredibly factual Nosepass information. ^^ Enjoy!


The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
Thanks for the feedback. Your nosepass facts were pretty funny and a great addition to your website on april fools day.
Actually your website is pretty cool in general and the reason why i think nosepass is cute.

Kung Fu Ferret

King of Uruk
More new Pokemon have been discovered in Uthingo!

The fossil Pokemon are Kentroby, the Spine Back Pokemon (Dragon/Rock-type based on a Kentrosaurus), and Troglotyke, the Missing Link Pokemon (Rock/Fighting, based on Australopithecus).

Kentroby used the spikes on its shoulders, back, and tail to defend itself against predators. Its brain was apparently the size of Cheri berry.

It is commonly believed, yet hotly debated, that Troglotyke may represent a transitional period between Pokemon and Humans. It is said that its ancestors were arboreal Pokemon like Ambipom.

Mega Evolution appears in Uthingo as well!

After a certain point in a Uthingolian trainer's journey, they can pick a second starter from the far-off Unova region.
Mega Serperior is a Grass/Poison-type with the ability Contrary. Mega Emboar is a Fire/Fighting-type with Pressure. Mega Samurott is a Water/Dragon-type with the Ability Drizzle.