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The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
Nooooooo.... lots and lots more tedious spriting. Lol.
(Also i would think that samurott would do better being a water/steel myself, but it's up to you).

Guess what i got pretty good again at spriting (I think) so i opened an art request shop and a sprite museum. Check them out!
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hapless homestuck
starting on some pixel art


The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
I made a prologue for my fanfiction that explains where mew comes from! Yay! However it's really dark and edgy, probably the darkest scene in my ENTIRE fanfiction, so enjoy. Not for the Faint of heart. Classified as PG-13 because of violence.

"No Mew." He said softly. "You're not getting out this time."
A Middle-aged, nicely dressed man stepped out from the shadows.
"I've dedicated my entire to trying to recreate the most powerful pokémon in existence, and I can't let you ruin it my just floating away, can I?"

Mew wasn't sure what to do in response, so Mew just hovered in place.

"Come here, Mew."
Giovanni laughed softly.

Mew floated over softly.
"I'd never want to hurt you, Mew."

But somehow, Mew didn't believe him. This man seemed very bad. Very very bad. Mew looked in his eyes. And all Mew could see anymore was the blank coldness of someone who's compassion had been whittled off bit by bit after years of obsession over the legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo.

Mew had heard Giovanni say Mewtwo before, and for some reason, it felt familiar. Mewtwo, was an Actual pokémon, not a pokémon made by humans, right?

But Mewtwo was a pokémon from a long time ago, so it wasn't around today. Was it. No, Giovanni wouldn't be creating a new Mewtwo if that were the case. But then again. The Mewtwo of the past must be very different. What was it like. Mew squeezed it's eyes shut.

Mew remembers. It was a little bit like Mew, But taller. Much much taller. It had a long purple appendage sticking out of it's head. Mew remembers it didn't like how that looked. It also had two little horns off it's head. It's face looked furious in battle, but out of battle, it was so kind, mew remembers. It had compassion more than any other pokémon did.

It's hands were large and with strange purple fingers. It's feet had strange purple fingers too. Mew remembers. Mew remembers. Mewtwo was Mew's older sibling. But then what happened to Mewtwo. Mew doesn't remember that.

"Come here Mew, It's ok."
If this man wants to bring mewtwo back, that's fine with mew.
Mew floats up to Giovanni, unsure of what will happen next.

Giovanni looks behind him.
"Grab Mew."
Suddenly, fourty or so Team Rocket members surround mew and seize her. Mew feels choked for a second.
"This won't bring Mewtwo back." Mew thinks.

Suddenly, Mew remembers the technique Mewtwo used to use.
Mew releases a burst of energy from it's mind, sending all the rocket grunts back.

Giovanni is the first to get up. He speaks like a maniac, not at all like his usual speech, and his expression is scary.
"Come back Mew! I need to see Mewtwo. After all these years, the only one who kept at making Mewtwo is me. Not Blaine or the Indigo's or not even Dr Fuji. But i stayed at it, after all these years, i stayed at it! You can't just go now after i spent the last 16 years on this! I'm so close, Mew. Giovanni extends a hand to Mew."

Was Mewtwo worth this? This man was clearly evil and had no intention of helping Mew. But bringing back Mewtwo is nice? Is it?

Mew began to fly off close to the Window.
"You don't want to help me, Mew?" Giovanni glared at Mew coldly.

Mew nodded. Mew would rather not be with team rocket. Team Rocket never fed Mew anything good and they were often Abusive.
Giovanni's mouth curved from a smile to an evil grin.

"OK then. I apologize, dear Mew. I didn't want it to have to come to this."
"Grunt!" Giovanni called. Only one came, with a short, Black Pole. Mew looks around nervously. Giovanni pulls something back on the strange Pole. All at once, Mew recognizes this isn't good. Giovanni points it at Mew, and fires something small and Orange at Mew. Mew uses Extreme Speed, But it's not fast enough.

Mew's tail is hit by the thing. It's tail starts bleeding out.

Giovanni steps forward with the pole once more, and clicks it back, and Points it at Mew.
Giovanni smiles like a maniac.

"Now Mew, last chance. Do you want to help me create Mewtwo?"
Mew would never want to help this Man who hurt Mew so Bad.

Mew lets out the strange, robotic whine it makes and lets out a psychic force so strong that Giovanni and his pole tumble backwards. Mew dashes to the window, hovering far above Giovanni.

"Meeeeeee" Mew Cries as it Opens the window with it's Psychic Force. The window slams Open. Giovanni stands up.
"I told you Mew. This is it? Do you want to Die?" Mew did not want to Die.

Mew flew out the Window, but a bullet from the black pole hit Mew square in the back.
Had Professor oak not been walking nearby, Mew would have died.

Giovanni never did find Mew.

Anyway tell me your feedback. It certainly puts a new perspective on the whole thing now that you now where Mew comes from. Yep this is not your run-of-the-mill trainer fic. Oh wait, it's intense so now it is.

We won't really return to Giovanni until the end of Part 1, but it sure is intense. :3
I hope you enjoy it and i'll put the actual fanfic up online sometime this summer i think.
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回り続ける 歯車には成り下がらない
she, they
Everyone here has really cool things.
@IndigoEmmy, there's a few typos in there, but it's an interesting prologue for sure.
@Bluwiikoon, I can't wait for more content on your site, and that Nosepass variant looks really cute!

As for me:
I have a small fanfiction simmering away on my hard drive. Progress is slow because I don't really have the energy to write... uh, basically what kyeugh said. "i guess i just don't have the time or energy for that stuff anymore, and a lot of the free time i do have i'd rather spend on something mindless like video games"

Anyway, since people have posted excerpts of their writing in this thread, I might as well show everyone what I've got so far.

Faraway Island (Working Title)

The writing is fading as if it was
written a long time ago…

“…ber, 6th day
If any human…sets foot here…
again…et it be a kindhearted pers…
…ith that hope, I depar…”

August 31st

The small motorboat struck out towards a deep green island in the distance, rocking in the wake of the S.S. Aqua cruising away from them. Salt-tinged air struck Dr. Fuji's nostrils as he shifted the heavy backpack on his shoulders. In his hand was a notebook, already covered in muddy smudges from months of field work.

"So, you're trying to find Mew?" the sailor asked, nudging the steering wheel.

"That's right," Dr. Fuji said.

"Didn't you make a clone of it or something? Saw it in the news a few years back."

Dr. Fuji shrugged. "That clone failed; it looked more like a mutant than Mew. It's run away, at any rate."

"Crazy stuff, man," the sailor said, and the conversation died down from there. Hoenn's tropical sun was at its zenith during August, and with no clouds to shield the glittering sea from it, his thin linen shirt was beginning to stick to Dr. Fuji's skin.

The only noises on the island were rustling palm trees and waves rolling back and forth. Not even a shell remained on the beach as a memento of some living creature. Dr. Fuji felt a sudden unease - was Mew really here? The sand clung to his boots as he made his way into the shade, and he pushed his doubts to the back of his mind. At least the island would be safe to camp on if no Pokemon were here.

Oh crap, I've also told my sister I'd sew her a bunch of plushies (including Mewtwo!), and I've made no progress on that at all, despite having brought special cuddly fabric for it. Maybe I'll post that here too, once I get around to them.
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The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
Yeah grammar/spelling isn't my strong suit. It will be fixed mark my words.

@myuma i like what you have so far in your story. I also want to see cuddly mewtwo plushies very badly.

Kung Fu Ferret

King of Uruk
Now for some relatives of the early route Uthingo Pokemon and fossils!
Kentroby->Kentrodrake ( both Dragon/Rock)
Troglotyke->Oogadyte ( both Rock/Fighting)
Wartodor->Stenchog ( both Poison/Normal
Chickick->Secrekick->Secresault ( both evos are Flying/Fighting)
Hyrakurl->Hyraklimb ( evo is Normal/Rock)
Larvocust->Lokrysal->Tokuswarm (all Bug/Dark)

Kung Fu Ferret

King of Uruk
I have come up with a gym/elite 4 list for Uthingo!

Gym 1: Fighting
Gym 2: Water
Gym 3: Ghost
Gym 4: Fire
Gym 5: Psychic
Gym 6: Steel
Gym 7: Dark
Gym 8: Dragon

Elite 4: Grass, Normal, Fairy, Electric

Champion: a bit of everything


The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
I made a regional variant (idk what region but it's cool nonetheless) of...

Here's a front sprite i made. I'm not really happy with it but it gets the point across.
I want it to be kinda scary but this sprite didn't really work.

BTW i am not done with the details thank you very much so before you criticize me i'm working on more details as i am writing (Not simultaneously but you get the point)


Ability: Cursed Landscape
Activates Cursed Terrain (Psychic Terrain but ghost) when this pokémon enters.

Base Stats
HP - 74
Atk - 48
Def - 76
Sp. Atk - 83
Sp. Def - 81
Spd - 104
Total - 466 (same as another pokémon, hmm)

Pokédex Entry

Version 1
When this pokémon's ear membrane's unfold, it creates a psychic force strong enough to implode a car and all the people inside of it.
(This one was just creepy)

Version 2
This pokémon, far more powerful than it's normal form, has a hostile disposition. It is rarely seen and is now a ghost type. It is said when it evolves it is as strong as a mythical pokémon.

Egg Groups : Amourphous/Field
Gender Ratio: 50/50



The Fool
Ask; Try She/Her
Haha i made a mexico region once too.
Currently i'm working on two, one based on australia, one based on india. the australia on is my main project.

Kung Fu Ferret

King of Uruk
Ok, here it goes!

The Nayam region is my secondary project!

Grass: Scorthorn
The Cactus Scorpion Pokemon
Fire: Burrego
The Flame Donkey Pokemon
Water: Manteeny
The Tiny Ray Pokemon

Trainers receive one of these from Professor Yucca.

Nayam also features some interesting early route Pokemon!

The Red-Legged Pokemon

The Little Wing Pokemon

The Long Nose Pokemon

Nayam has regional variants, too!
The fossils themselves are regional variants of the Teddiursa and Phanpy lines based on the Short-faced bear and the Columbian mammoth respectively.

Nayamean Teddiursa and Ursaring are Normal/Rock while Nayamean Phanpy and Donphan are Rock/Ground! (got lazy with the typings, I know....)

The legendary trio is based on Aztec gods, and includes a Fairy/Fire-type called Quetzanza, (based on Quetzalcoatl), Suenlipoca, a Fighting/Electric-type based on Tezcaltipoca, and Mictivida (a Poison/Ice-type based on Mictlantecuhtli) The first two represent hopes and dreams respectively, while the third feeds on negativity.


phanpy variants!! I am Sated with that alone, but the legendaries also sound really great!