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MY NAME IS BUTCH YOU, YOU...! *looks at Giovanni*

OH, and by the way, guys, have you seen Cassidy anywhere? I can't find her...
... Nope, doesn't ring a bell.

[ Thinks...
... thinks some more, this time not about bottlecaps. ]

She might be fighting with Jessie somewhere. \o GO, JESSIE, GO
((Why? Even though you don't have to tell me...))

Woah... Why do I feel al Deja Vu-Time travely?
It's a retcon!

(( I'd prefer it if people stay sort of on-topic and don't suck. Discussions about Brock possibly getting raped fall thoroughly into suck. This thread exists to have fun. I was then not having fun. ))
Hey, James, our theme is correct and better than yours is and our names form a better reference to a Western outlaw, so nyeh-nyeh-nyeh.

And we have better uniforms, so there.
Our theme shows our status as the true heroes of the series! You're just a bit-part!

White is a better uniform color than black. It's less expected!
Fine Sapphire. *signs Jame's name on book* She's off uh... don't ask. Buizel is there too.

Butch, you have a big R on you too. And black is obviously villanous.
At least we're good at disguises.

It's all a communist allegory. The twerps refuse to share their resources with us, and so we try to take some, but we are oppressed! By! The! Man!

And one day! We and the unwashed masses will RISE ABOVE THE OPPRESSORS TO OUR DESTINIES! Our glorious future awaits! OUR DAY WILL COME

We've CAPTURED PIKACHU and that is the first step!

... And Team Rocket will be filthy rich. But mostly the perfect world where (ALMOST) everyone is equal.

(( I BLAME EVERYONE FOR ENABLING ME also I keep ... losing focus ; ; ))
Should I just start wearing a sign with my name on it?

Besides what's with James always getting bitten by his own Pokémon and dressing like a girl? Plus we all know he's just jealous of my deep, sexy voice.
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