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Daycare Center


neither simple, nor coherent.
Daycare Center Pokémon Care and Group Play Facility​

As soon as you ring the doorbell to the newly-constructed building near the starter shop, you hear voices arguing.

"Ah, dammit. Get the door, I've got my hands full unpacking."

"I hope you don't use that language around the customers. And put that out, you'll hurt the little baby pokémon lungs."

"You should be more worried about what I'll do to you if you don't answer the damn door!" A dull thud, then, "Shit! Dragonthing, if you aren't going to help, at least get out of my fricking..."

The tirade quiets to a hissed grumble as a dark-skinned teen opens the door, smiling. "Hello! You're one of our first guests." He welcomes you into the small entryway, where you see a bulbasaur diligently removing wrapped items from boxes in one room, and a teen about the same age as the first, cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, hanging a thoroughly frightened charmander from his tail in another. The first boy eyes the scene, turns back to you, holds up one finger while still cheerfully grinning, strides over to the other, and smacks the boy's hand, catching the charmander in the crook of his other arm. He sets the grateful fire pokémon down and strolls back to you, ignoring the boy's furious cries of "what the hell was that?! you're not my mum, you can't just..." as he gestures for you to walk outside with him into the backyard. You follow.

"Ah, nice and quiet," he says, slouching against the wall of the house and looking out to the unfenced sections of rocky plain, grassy field, dammed creek, and grove of trees that comprised the backyard. "As you can see, we've got a place for any of your darling pokémon you'd like to leave in our care. We understand that some trainers don't want their beloved partners stuck in a bland computer box all the time, and we give them the peace of mind they're looking for, providing a supervised yet open environment."

You think he kind of sounds like a canned advertisement.

What may be just the sweetest-looking rattata you've ever seen scratches on the teen's pant leg, and he picks it up, scritches it between the ears, and continues. "Because of... what can result after pokémon get their rest and relaxation in such a natural environment, we've also got an incubation room prepared. We promise to look after your pokémon and their eggs as if they were our own."

He looks at you and flashes his smile, the rattata in his hand mirroring his expression. "So, what do you say? For a simple nominal fee, we can watch up to two of your babies at a time. How about it?"


tl;dr: the more details and less terrible-rp section

At the daycare center Pokémon Care and Group Play Facility, Safari Zone trainers can give the so very capable handlers up to two of their pokémon. In return, given time, the two may produce an egg. (The pokémon. Not the handlers.)

Now, how much time will that take? Well, it depends on the personalities of the pokémon involved, the different species of pokémon, whether the male pokémon can hold a commitment or if that was just a one-night hookup and he only liked her for her body and now she's got to raise a kid on her own and you know he never pays his alimony... And if said pokémon is something like butterfree, who dies after mating. You know. That kind of thing. (Note: the previous is a conclusively-falsified misconception; trainer-owned butterfree will not die after mating, but by accepting the transaction, you agree that the PC&GBF will not be held liable for any injury or death that may result from using our services, including your own.)

As a general rule of thumb, however, basic and baby pokémon will take approximately the same amount of time to lay, incubate, and hatch as it takes the owner to complete a certain number of adventures in Safari Zone areas. That number depends on where the egg falls on the rarity list. Commons will take three adventures ('goes', 'passes', transactions, whatever) in an average SZ area, uncommons six, and rares nine. (There are no super-rare basics.) Proof will be required in the form of links to where you have asked to participate in the areas.

Note 'average SZ area'. Due to the increased amount of effort, one acceptable adventure in an area which encourages roleplay is equivalent to three adventures in the average area. ('Acceptable' is to be agreed upon by the area owner, but most posts will be acceptable unless the owner says otherwise. Remember the maxim of SZRP: "I don't expect brilliant posts and I don't expect paragraphs. I expect that you've thought about what you're doing a little.")

Two more things: "But Midnight!" you don't cry. "There's like three areas that encourage RP, and none of them have been updated in ages!" Well, that should encourage you to come up with one yourself, hm? And, "So I can just ask to go to, say, Pal Park nine times and receive egg? Shweet." No. (Why is that place /so/ popular? @@) For the purposes of breeding, the adventures need to take place no more than twice at the same area. (If you did drop off your pokémon, dart off to one place, go nine times, and dart back expecting an egg, it wouldn't take that long, would it? Nature takes time~) Therefore, you must visit a minimum of two average places for a common egg, three for an uncommon, and ten for a rare. Of course, if you throw in an RP place, that counts as three places, and you can visit it twice...

On top of the time involved, the base amount of money to look after your pokémon is $10, and the amount to run the incubator is $20 per egg. If you don't want an egg, it will be gladly adopted by the handlers until they can find a willing owner. (Prices will be decided upon... when/if this ever comes up.)


OKAY technical details and tldr;tldr

  • commons - three adventures in regular areas or one acceptable RP adventure
  • uncommons - six regular or two RP adventures
  • rares - nine regular or three RP adventures

  • to bolster hits to more areas, a total of two adventures at the same place are valid per egg

  • price taken up at time of drop off: $10
  • price taken up at time of pick up of egg: $20

  • gender is randomized based on the gender ratio
  • shinies have the traditional 1/200 chance
  • ditto and other no egg pokemon will, obviously, not produce an egg
  • incense is in play! considering I don't think anyone's given out any incense... now they have a reason to!
  • an abridged rarity list containing only and all basic pokémon can be found here. (at least, it should: please let me know of any mistakes or if it goes offline.)

Oooookay I wrote the majority of this at about two in the morning and threw up the rest while half-watching Mythbusters. Combine that with my general propensity in not describing things well at all, and you probably have a lot of questions! :x So please feel free to ask them here, and enjoy your new pokémon!

(ps: ever read mokepon?)



Blastoise's gyarados (f) and remoraid (m). They don't seem to like each other very much.
James's vileplume (f) and bellsprout (m). They... er... don't seem to... ... well.
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Yes, they can! If anyone ever has any question, check here: if the pokémon you are looking for are both on the same page, they may breed. (Assuming the genders are correct, of course.)

... Do you want to spend thirty dollars on a magikarp, though? :B
... yeah sure, why not? There's no point in not doing so if they're already in (unless I'm missing something [?] in which case I still want a failfish)
(I hadn't added them yet but okay!)

So, $10 is subtracted, and we await your report of the adventures with baited breath! (yukyukyuk)
I love how you just mentioned my area and Mythbusters.
Some of my customers are theorizing that there are drugs in the Park Balls, but that is absolutely not true and thus all claims to that effect should be ignored.
Please don't take away my drugs... money good... money...
I said nothing. And I will leave now and stop spamming the thread.

That was slightly confusing.

If we drop a Pokemon in here, and we already had adventures in two other areas, would they count?
Yeah, I thought it was too :x which is why I said all questions are welcome :D;

Adventures must be requested/begun after dropping off your pokémon. It's fine if you pick them up before the adventures are completed, though.
And is it like the games and egg is Female's species or Pokefarm and equal chance? Or is it based on rarity?
And is it like the games and egg is Female's species or Pokefarm and equal chance? Or is it based on rarity?

Yes, species is based on the female (except nidoran and volbeat/illumise, like the games). Gender is randomly generated based on the gender ratio.
Some vague sense of duty or narrative necessity compels me to leave ...

ASFD; the male bellsprout and RUMIKA LITE the female vileplume. (idk my bff PC~)

I feel dirty now. Or at least strange.
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