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Dialga Vs. Palkia

Which one is Better Dialga or Palkia

  • Dialga

    Votes: 37 34.6%
  • Palkia

    Votes: 52 48.6%
  • I like them both

    Votes: 12 11.2%
  • I like neither

    Votes: 6 5.6%

  • Total voters


Flare up your ideas, be careful not to burn them~
Which one is Better? Dialga or Palkia?
I chose Palkia:P
Spacial Rend is much better
Palkia, Spacial Rend is better, it doesn't have to recharge, also, only one weakness comared to Dialga, which has 3 at least.^^
I do believe that Dialga is overrated. And I like Spacial Rend better... and another thing... what the hell is time WITHOUT SPACE? So a clock will be able to move in the darkness but Space is way better. At least you have somewhere to sit.
Its probably because people saw the anime where Dialga almost beat palkia.
Or because more people got pokemon diamond
Palkia, because Spacial rend is better, it's not overrated like some blue steel dog-looking thing, and it looks more like a dragon, and less weaknesses.
Contrary to popular belief (well not in this forum apparently, but...) Palkia owns.

I already knew that but it is true for sure.
I mean palkia uses spacial rend while dialga is charging its beam and dialga faints plus Spacial rend is better. Also in the Gts I noticed on my list of people with palkia none wanted a dialga but with the dialga list there were some that wanted a palkia
Palkia looks like a frigging Mecha Godzilla and is sharp. While Dialga looks like a piece of rubbish. If you saw the 10th movie then you see that when Dialga charges up all it does is makes those steel "fins" get bigger. Dialga sucks. End of discussion...
I thought that everybody liked Dialga but I guess I am not alone.

Btw On Ebay a japanese Pokemon Pearl Is more expense than a Japanese Pokemon Diamond I know why too.(The japanese are smart and know that Palkia is better)
Palkia is WAY better, and wtf is that thing on Diagla's head? But something
about Palkia how the hell is it part water? I still like it though.
I wonder where the water comes from too....
Thatd be a sight palkia swimming lol
Or maybe palkia was too strong without water to weaken it up.
Wow geez, two years ago (or whenever they were first revealed) and the poll would have been completely opposite I think. People's opinions have really changed about Palkia.

I like him because he's a giant freaking pink godzilla dude with wings who'll Spacial Rend your brain in half if you don't like him, so.
The surf board would break unless it was more like a Large Rowboat I thought of him swimming with his arms though. Still Palkia on a surf board lol
I wonder when palkia was able to learn surf....
Who cares if Dialga is overrated?! I like it! I like Palkia too, and it was a little bit hard to decide, but with everyone bashing Dialga I've decided to side with it. So XP.
I'm sorry to the dialga fans for bashing dialga but Everybody was bashing palkia way back
I like Palkia better even though I have Diamond. I do still like Dialga though. But time without space would be nothing, and space without time would be nothing, so I guess I'm on both sides. :P Oh, and Spacial Rend is soo much better than Roar of Time.

But I absolutly HATE Dialga's cry. Palkia's cry is cool though.
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