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Doctor Who: Series 4 discussion thread (remade)


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@Ruby: Well, I suppose it was a bit rushed towards the end. Nothing will ever cap the first season's finale, imo. :P

@Castform: When Martha teleports to the castle, the Daleks that go past speak in (admittedly, rather fake) German.

I feel so smug that I understood the entire conversation between Martha and the German lady. :3


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When Martha teleported to Germany using Project Indigo, the Daleks were speaking in German; watch that bit on Iplayer (since you are in Britain).

(too late)


Rubber dinghy rapids, bro!
Also, is it just me or is the Oster-Haagen Key the dumbest idea ever? "A DEVICE THAT MAKES ALL OUR NUKES GO BOOM AT THE SAME TIME, KILLING US ALL". Admittedly, it was a handy bargaining tool against the Daleks, at least until they zapped Martha to their ship. :3

@Murkrow: Heh, you noticed. :D

Lorem Ipsum

Exterminieren is the best line of Doctor Who ever.

Oster-Haagen was a bit deus ex machina, but the second Doctor thing was even more so. I was expecting somebody to die as well, but that could be to come, as nobody really dies in that episode except for the disintegrated humans.


Rubber dinghy rapids, bro!
Anyone remember the first season? They said Rose would die, and she went to parallel Earth instead. In Doctor Who, "death" means "alive somewhere else". :D

Incidentally, what happened to Rose's dad? Did he get killed off in a previous episode and I forgot about it, or did he just not appear in these two episodes? He was really cool.

Edit: @Castform: She doesn't. She just gets her memory erased. She's still part Doctor, just that she'll die if she remembers.


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@goldenquagsire: Nope, Rose's dad didn't die, he was living with them at the end of the second series; I guess he must've been working at control or something throughout. He hadn't died though, Jackie mentioned having to call him all the way from Norway at the end. :3 P.S. You couldn't explain what Martha and the German woman were saying, could you? I was completely lost.



That was amazing. I don't appear to be able to specify all the awesomeness of it, because I still seem to be at the incomprehensible babbling stage. So I dunno, that was great. I loved the bit where the whole lot of them were around the console together. And the bit where the Doctor was sounding (bizarrely) like Donna, and then vice-versa. Oh, and when Mickey and Jackie appear to blast the Daleks attacking Sarah Jane. In fact, it was all good - except for Donna not remembering. She's gone back to thinking she's worthless. :'(

Ehe, I knew there were going to be Cybermen at christmas - they were filming near here :D
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Rubber dinghy rapids, bro!
I can't remember exactly what they said, but it was basically "I'm from UNIT" "Oh, I see; you should go away."

The rest was English, 'cept for the last line, which was "Go to hell, Martha Jones". :3


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@Castform: Unfortunately I didn't get to. :( But a few months ago they were filming in a churchyard (the one in the trailer, yes) not far from here, and of course loads of people were mobbing around the place and staring. My aunt happened to be passing and called me up saying "HAY GUESS WHAT?" xD They only had Cybermen there at the time, though, not any cast.

Oh yeah, I just remembered two things that made me laugh quite a bit:
Someone I forget: So there's... three Doctors?
Jack: You have no idea what's going on in my mind. (Or something like that xD)

And afterwards where Jack was hugging Sarah Jane and Donna sort of whirled her way into Sarah Jane's spot. Hehe.
The thing I hate about this episode the most is Rose.
Quite simply, the entire series was building up to her return. There was one episode focused on her and then...nothing. In The Stolen Earth and Journey's end, all she really accomplished was getting the Doctor shot by a Dalek. She did NOTHING else and then she gets taken out of the series again. That's what annoys me. Screw you Russel, Screw you.


Awesome. Just awesome.
Can't describe it. :D Also EXTERMINIEREN was awesome beyond awesome.
And the whole episode was just awesome and made me cry. ;_;

NOO DONNA. NOO ROSE. GAH I felt so sorry for the Doctor once everyone had gone, and when he was walking away from Rose for the last time. D:


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The ending was kinda weak, though

What was the point of bringing Rose back in the first place?
And it didn't explain why all of the signs in 'turn left' changed to Bad Wolf.

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My name is...
I think it was just to give the writers some closer, and to sate the needs of needy fan girls.

But why did they have to get rid of Donna? Why? She was better than Rose, Martha, and Astrid all rolled together. Granted, Astrid was a bimbo, but...Still!

I'm not bashing Martha or Rose. I loved both of them, but Donna was so much more...energetic, without her pining after the Doctor. A best friend...and now she goes back to thinking she has no potential, and no motivation...


Rubber dinghy rapids, bro!
Donna was an interesting departure from the norm; though she showed affection for the Doctor, she wasn't anywhere near as ZOMG LUV U as the previous two. However, she was a little over-the-top sometimes (Catherine Tate's previous roles subconsciously creeping in?), and really, I prefer Martha. Still, her grandpa was quite a fun minor character, and the fact that he played more of a role than her mother was also a nice quirk.

Overall, the forth series was mixed. We had quite a few absolutely duff episodes, and a slightly disappointing season finale; we also had a couple of magnificent gems (Midnight, Silence in the Library). The fifth series looks to be promising - we still have Tenant as the Doctor, and now Moffat is taking over as lead writer. I can't wait. :3