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Dreams of the Past: Requiem


Maelstroms amidst steel
Do you remember, sleeping titans? You dream yet of a forgotten age, of the time when you were brought here. Living weapons in pursuit of glory, brought to await the coming of the one who would rise above all others, champion of the world.

Do you remember? The hopeful candidates, who would fight for that right, for that glory? None even saw the mountain you rest beneath. They died, all of them. Fighting, or running, or living their lives until sickness or age struck them down. Their people rose up against them, because of their greed and ambition and the land they sucked dry.

You are forgotten, sleepers. A hundred years, and you lie in your unnatural sleep, such power contained by crystals and metal and stone. But crystals shatter, metal rusts, and stone is worn away in time.

All comes to its end, eventually.

And so does your slumber.

Can you hear the footsteps? Human feet, finding caverns that were lost to time in the chaos. Those caverns will lead them to you, and the land has changed from what you knew. Your confusion will be a weakness, and the world will not be merciful. Best to learn fast, sleepers. Learn fast, and stay sharp, because humans are not the only ones watching....

It is fortunate that you were chosen for your skill and strength in battle, is it not? You will need it. But not yet. Rest awhile longer, dreamers of the past. The future comes for you.



Welcome to Dreams of the Past: Requiem - now with new faction flavours and a creepy introduction! In the era of Pokemon training - now a hundred years past - there came a time when a grand tournament was held, to distinguish the very best of the best. To that end, ten Pokemon were caught or donated - the strongest specimens, of course - to serve as a prize for the ultimate Champion. To that end, they were put into a chamber beneath Mount Silver, held in stasis. During that time, riots erupted due to the massive drain of resources, and the practise itself fell into disfavour.

Now, the world has moved on, and Pokemon and humans live apart, often only seeing each other as threats. You are either a Pokemon - one of the ten sleepers, or one born in a newer, less trusting world - or a human. Human characters are part of either two factions - the Solus movement, which believes that progress and the future lie in depending on humanity alone, and Team Unity, which believes that Pokemon training should be revived. A team of explorers has uncovered the caverns beneath Mount Silver, and both groups have expressed interest in just what lies in their depths. The fates of those involved are about to meet - and that meeting will probably result in a lot of explosions.

half of the people applying probably know the plot already but shhhh



- Standard stuff - no godmoding, more than one line for a post.

- You can make up to three characters. However, you must have a reason for bringing them in and they must interact with people other than your own characters.

- You may not make a legendary. Humans with relationships with Pokemon or an actual companion need a reason in their backstory for it. Sleeper Pokemon should be fully evolved - unless a previous evolution can be argued to be superior in some way - or non-evolving, other Pokemon do not need to follow this rule.

- There are ten sleeper spots, the number of humans or other Pokemon is unlimited. Current sleeper count: one available.

- Pokemon have four moves available, no restrictions as long as they're in their movepool - be it by TM, egg, tutor or by level up.

- The plot is a tentative sandbox. I will shoot something short and cryptic your way to start things off, but it's your choice on how to use whatever I give you. With this, I am trusting that you won't turn into physical gods who can nuke cities at the moment I look away. Common sense, please.

- Less of a rule and more of a reminder. Solus and Team Unity are not solely made of extremists on either side. Solus could have people wanting industrial progress, or a balanced economy not reliant on Pokemon or their training. Team Unity could have idealists romanticizing Pokemon training into something greater than it actually is - neither side is black and white, and I would like humans to show diversity and shades of grey.

- Be in-depth with the application. Throw in anything you can - not because I’m a hard-ass about quality but because it’ll help me shape the plot coupon you’ll be getting once you’re accepted. It is entirely your choice on how you use it, or if you use it all - but the more info I have on your character, the easier it’ll be to craft something for you.

Stormecho (to be added)
Ryder | Scizor |Flareth
Lilac Linka | Human | Flareth
Evan "Zero" Kurohari | Human | Lirris
Stimpz | Raichu | Lirris
Zrantox | Dusknoir | Exo-Raikou
Isei-Kurojin | Beheeyem | Exo-Raikou
Alex "Lex" Apostol | Human | Exo-Raikou
Sinar | Solrock | Storm, Earth, and Fire
Ven (reserved sleeper)
Maimi (reserved sleeper)
Oblitum | Claydol | sreservoir
Silas Northcut | Human | Black Yoshi
Flint | Blaziken | Black Yoshi
RespectTheBlade (reserved sleeper)
Dragon (reserved sleeper)
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Big Infodump of Stuff


Human Armoury​

The TM Driver

An invention designed to allow humans to protect themselves from unruly wild Pokemon, the TM Driver is the result of a collaboration between scientific teams from every different region on the planet working towards a single goal. And as such is often cited as "the fist of humanity" in that it represents liberation from the over-dependence on Pokemon that crippled the world a century ago. Reminiscent of the Snag Machine in design, it is a device that attaches itself to a human's chosen arm and covers from the hand to the shoulder, with a single plate of accompanying body armor typically attached to the chest or face. The appearance can be customized to suit the person, and it is not uncommon to see different regions manufacture models in different styles, to the point where it has become considered by some as a fashion statement rather than an actual self-defense tool.

Within the shoulder mechanism of the device, for battle-purpose models, there is a slot where one can place a single elemental gem corresponding to any one of the 16 different Pokemon types. The type of this gem determines what kind of TM disks the device is compatible with. By inserting a disk into a slot located somewhere on the device, the Driver is capable of reading the disk and then replicating the Pokemon attack contained within.

Once the attack has been performed, the disk is then ejected from the casing, and cannot be used until the data stored within has been restored. In addition, the elemental gem must recharge for a minimum of one minute between uses, otherwise it will wear out and break.

Designed with protection in mind, the device is designed only to give humans a fighting chance against Pokemon that might otherwise seek to harm them, and is an inefficient choice for extended confrontations. Drivers can be programmed to allow creative use of a move, though at the cost of putting more strain on the elemental gem. Thus, a Psychic move could be programmed from a mental attack - standard - to a more complex form, such as telekinesis.

It should be noted that Flying-type moves do not allow for actual, sustained flight - merely a few seconds. Dive and Dig allow for increased time underwater and the ability to dig quite quickly, but use either carelessly and you risk drowning or burying yourself. Elemental gems provide some resistance to types they resist naturally, but not enough to simply take an attack head-on. As well, most attacks used with a Driver are extremely brief. Both defensive models, made for dangerous conditions, and ones that prolong an attack are available - developed by Solus, of course - though their number is limited, and generally only expedition guards and Solus members can get their hands on them easily. Models that prolong attacks require multiple elemental gems of the same type to function properly.


TM Driver - A versatile self-defense tool that allows humans to replicate the moves of Pokemon, with drawbacks. Comes with a choice of ONE elemental gem to start.

Bag - Storage devices that allow humans to carry equipment and TMs. Default size is 4 TMs and 1 item.

Firearm - A deterrent against would-be-attackers, human or otherwise. Fires blasts of compressed air or water depending on the environment, meaning that it never has to be reloaded.

Pokemon Translator - Earpieces used to modulate Pokemon speech into a coherent language humans can understand.


Smoke Ball - Allows a Human to flee from a Pokemon encounter more easily when used by blinding the opponent with a thick smog.

Brightpowder - Reduces the chances of a Pokemon landing a hit by blinding them with a bright glare when thrown.

Quick Claw - Can grant the user a quick burst of speed at random, allowing them to move faster than any Pokemon not using a priority move.

Red Card – When triggered by a Pokemon move, this card uses mystic force contained within to forcibly eject the offending attacker from battle, either by pinning them down and rendering them unable to move, or pushing them back out of reach.

Eject Button – Although similar to the Red Card in effect, activating when a human is hit with a Pokemon attack; this device instead allows a human to withdraw from the conflict and switch places with a more battle-capable ally. Used for tactical retreats.


X Attack – Gives a human a brief increase in physical mass, pumping up their muscle capacity and causing their physical attacks to deal more damage.

X Defend - Gives a Human a brief increase in durability when ingested, enough to perhaps survive a physical assault with some wounding.

X Special – Gives a human a brief surge in energy, boosting the power of their indirect attacks to a more advanced level.

X Sp.Def - Gives a Human a brief increase in resistance when ingested, allowing them to endure indirect attacks with less pain.


The Factions​

Solus and Team Unity are both powerful factions, and though they are political and ideological parties, they are also heavily influential, especially in the development of technology. Their views pervade the media, and it is common for regular travelers to identify with the goals or ideals of either one.

Solus was, at first, a small group of people trying to organize things after the riots began. A few of those who started it were engineers and inventors who safeguarded their technology. They were the ones to shut down the PC system, warping all the Pokemon inside to their own headquarters and releasing them to the wild. Though this move angered the trainers, things were too chaotic for word to spread before most were released. Shortly after, the Elite Four and Champions quietly stepped down or simply vanished, and suddenly, the only people who were capable of running things in regions were affiliated with, sponsored by or part of Solus itself. They were the ones to instigate the research of TMs and the possibility of equipping humans in a way that they could fend off wild Pokemon. Many of the mining and development projects through the regions are due to Solus. Since the early days, they have maintained a great deal of visibility in all the regions, though their influence is weakest in Johto. Those who affiliate with Solus itself tend to believe in progress through technology, achieving goals without relying on Pokemon, and a general focus on the future. Popular views of Pokemon are that they are bloodthirsty, savage creatures, or too dangerous and powerful to control. Some believe that Pokemon are equal to humans, but should be left alone to live in peace, without human contamination. Solus is criticized for not preserving ruins and for damaging ecosystems with its projects, as well as focusing too much on industry as a whole.

Team Unity chose its name carefully, calling to mind the past region-wide threats of criminal teams, all taken down by Pokemon trainers. They are a more recent group, focused on the younger generation and promoting an idealized and romanticized view of Pokemon training and Pokemon in general. They issue a great deal of propaganda, as well as commissioning writers and artists to depict Pokemon training in a more positive light. They are less involved with technology but do spawn a great deal of entertainment, of good quality and otherwise. The amount of Unity commercials, graffiti and internet ads can often be considered obnoxious - they have a good grasp of social media and though Solus has the majority in all regions, Unity is an underdog that caters pretty well to those growing up without much knowledge of the era of Pokemon training. Those affiliated with Unity often believe that the way to the future is through connecting with the past, or that Pokemon training is cast in an overly negative light. There’s an emphasis on working with Pokemon to rebuild, and that Pokemon are meant to bond with humans. Unity is criticized as too idealistic, lacking any realistic expectations of working with Pokemon and for its lack of involvement in benefiting the region as a whole.
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The Application


Personal Items: (Weapons, held items and such.)

Personality: (Played out personalities aren't allowed)



Other: (Abilities, random things of note or way your character differs are all examples of what can go here)

Name: Evan "Zero" Kurohari
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Evan stands at a sturdy 5' 10", and weighs 178 lbs. He is built quite thick, and muscular, unlike many of his ancestor's, but has a more youthful face, built in a much more delicate appearance. Evan has straight brown hair that is often well kept, and has deep green eyes. Evan wears a white T-Shirt with a black, green, and red flannel shirt over top, and never buttoned up. He wears a heavy pair of khaki cargo shorts that all below his knees, and has thick brown hiking boots.
Personal Items: An ancient model of the PokeTech version 5, a Pokemon Translator,
Personality: Evan is a hard working, outwardly cheery guy, and will often be willing to lend a helping hand. He is quite intelligent, and has been gifted with photographic memory. Evan, however, is often silently plotting, and judging in his mind, keeping note of all facts and numbers for whatever plans he may have.
History: Evan was born in Holly Town, a small coastal town in south-western Sinnoh. He was raised by his father to be caring to Pokemon, as the Kurohari family has always been, even through the past century of distrust between humans and Pokemon. At age five he was bestowed his own Pichu, a long standing Kurohari tradition, yet an odd diversion, as he is not descended from the first-born of Nanka Kurohari, but yet the second born, whose descendents were allowed the privilage of the Pichu line after it was clear that the first-born had no intents of having children.

Evan grew up in a secluded town, where everyone knew everyone, and everyone was wary of outsiders, due to their continued practice of freindships with Pokemon. He raised his close companion, Stimpz, a now Raichu, to be as hardworking as he, ironing out many of the hyper-active traits of the Raichu's family line. Evan eventually inherited the family ranch, which had been slowly converted to a farm in most of the area, the remaining which being too rocky, or dry to be a suitable agricultural source.

Evan watched carefully as to the happenings of the outside world, and when he noticed the surcfacing of Team Unity, he decided to keep close tabs on the group, making sure to know exactly what was going on. When he caught wind of the Mt Silver discovery, he left the care of his ranch to his father again, who had remained in town due to the outside worlds wariness of Pokemon, and left for Johto on an old boat from a time long ago.
Other: Holly Town is located west-north-west of Twinleaf Town, and became secluded from the rest of the world about five years after the riots had begun. The entire community is still on good terms with Pokemon, and is one of the few places where wild Pokemon needn't worry about hostilities from Pokemon.

Evan is the Descendent of my characters, Nanka Kurohari, and his son, Alex Kurohari, for those familiar with the characters. Evan was named directly after Nanka's middle name, and his nickname "Zero" pertains to his intolerance of slackers.


Name: Stimpz
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Raichu

Appearance: Looks like the average Raichu, but has a small tuft of fur that looks like hair popping off of his forehead, and a large chunk of his right ear is missing.
Clothing: Stimpz wears a red and black paisly bandana around his neck, the same one worn by a Pokemon who was one of Evan's ancestor's team members. He also wears a straw cowboy hat.
Personal Items: A Light Ball on a necklace

Personality: Due to being raised by the hardworking, no-nonsense, anti-slacker Evan, Stimpz's personality has had it's family traits rubbed well out, and he is much more reliable and hard-working than his ancestors. He also has a problem with authority not delivered from Evan, and has a heated temper. Stimpz is more wary of things than Evan, and often provides a second opinion to decisions made by Evan

History: Stimpz was raised by Evan on the Kurohari ranch, where the two of them were inseperable. With the use of the Pokemon Translator in Evan's possesion, the two of them bonded very closely, and their relationship could be regarded as close as brothers. Stimpz evolved to a Pikachu at age 7, where he began to truly understand the hard-working attitude of Evan, and proceeded to follow suit. At 15, a chip of stone was carved off of the great Thunderstone that resided on the Kurohari Ranch, and Stimpz evolved into a Raichu.

He and Evan worked hard together to maintain the farm, as well as the remaining denziens of the ranch, and he often gave his two cents about any decision Evan made in regards to Team Unity, and when the time came for Evan to depart to support them following the Mt Silver discovery, Stimpz followed him by his side.

Moves: Thunderpunch/Strength/Brick Break/Fake Out

Other: Stimpz's ability is Static. Stimpz is named after Stimpacks, a fictional healing item that stimulates the body's ability to heal itself.
I find it beautifully ironic that you posted this right as I'm going to be in a position without Internet for quite a few days. Reserve a sleeper, please - I think we all know who it's going to be.
Flareth is reserved, Exo is reserved, Lirris has both accepted. I also added in a rule on Pokemon movesets because that was left up to personal interpretation before. Watch the first post - it has an updated count of how many sleeper spots are open.
Stormy, you crazy for not letting this give up the ghost. Let's give this one our best shot.

Question before I get to the form, level moves, tutor moves, TM moves, but no egg moves?

Name: Sinar
Age: 1908
Gender: N/A
Species: Solrock
Appearance: A regular old Solrock, with all eight spokes intact.
Clothing: Unnecessary.
Personal Items: None.
Personality: A stoic sort, typical of floating rocks from the cosmos. As such, it's tough for others to communicate with and understand Sinar, but also very easy for Sinar to ignore anyone it does not feel the need to associate with. It is the quiet sort, who speaks, usually softly, through telepathy. Sinar views Pokemon and humans as being pretty much equals, viewing supremacist views on either side as being dangerous ideas that are better off buried under the earth. However, Sinar is not reckless at all, and would usually not pick a fight with some major transgressions and usually knows when to run.
History: Landed on the slope of Mt. Silver 1,908 years ago, Sinar began life on earth simply, basking in the sunlight during the day and retreating to the caverns at night. Solrock were a very rare species in Johto and Kanto, and the mountain was so secluded that wandering humans would see it, yet nobody would confirm it's status as a species of Pokemon until knowledge spread throughout the world.

More importantly, though, Sinar slowly saw more human activity near the mountain. It eventually learned of how humans had begun working with Pokemon, training them to compete in battles and contests, cooperating with them wherever a strong hand was needed. Times were pleasant, and the mountain proved cavernous enough for Sinar to evade capture and continue observing how these two groups of beings interacted. The strongest trainers seemed to frequent the area, letting Sinar see how training worked first-hand.

Eventually, the humans did something that puzzled Sinar to no end. One day, Sinar watched as ten Pokemon were carted by a large group of humans. Investigating, it looked as though they were burying the Pokemon, who were all alive, inside the mountain. Yet, after they left, Sinar sensed that the Pokemon were all still alive, albeit sleeping. Something seemed wrong when they did not wake up the next morning. Or the next decade.

Times got worse after that. Taking in sunlight at the foot of the mountain, Sinar noticed that there had not been any trainers around for some time. Speaking with locals (Pokemon, that is), Sinar learned that the humans had turned their backs on Pokemon, becoming distrustful, and even hateful. Not far away, humans attacked Pokemon. One band even got close to Mount Silver, and Sinar had to rally the wild Pokemon to fend them off.

Now, it seemed like the humans were coming back to Mt. Silver, but not in some frenzied attack on Pokemon, but something related to those sleeping Pokemon, who after a century, seemed on the verge of waking up.

Moves: Stone Edge, Psychic, SolarBeam, Fire Spin

Other: Nothing at the moment.
Going out right now so will look over your app later, but... yes, egg moves are allowed, let me edit that when I return.

Hey, I'm stubborn with concepts I like.
Name: Ryder
Age: 27 (Human years) (When sealed)
Gender: Male
Species: Scizor (Sleeper)

Appearance: Is taller than a regular Scizor, standing at the height of 6 feet instead of the usual 5'11''
Clothing: None
Personal Items: None

Personality: Cynical and stoic, on the outside. A bit emotional on the inside. If he gets emotional, something has seriously gone wrong. He doesn't take took well to humans, preferring freedom than being stuck in some ball and forced to battle. It will take a long time to get his trust, be you a human or a Pokemon.

History: He was once a happy Scyther, living in a forest near the National Park. His father, a Ledian named Nocturne, one day, never came back to him and his mother. He is assumed to have been captured.So it was just him and his mother. A year later, however, his mother fell ill. Ryder tried his best to keep her alive, but he failed. He was now alone.

He lived alone, foraging for food, when he was captured. He was trained by a person by the name of Desmond. Desmond would never give up, even when Ryder was weak. The extensive training made him stronger and gave him more stamina. He hated Desmond, but there was no way to escape.

Until one day, he snapped. He ran at Desmond with a well-placed Giga Impact, killing the trainer. Feeling remorse for what he had done, he ran off. But a trainer noticed Ryder's potential and strength and captured him to send to Mt. Silver, but many people were worried about giving him to a trainer. With proper training, he showed them that Desmond's death was all caused by improper training. The trainer candidates would be the best of the best. That decided it. Ryder would be one of the ten.

Moves: Night Slash/Iron Head/Bug Buzz/Giga Impact

Other: Has the ability Swarm. And sorry for the sucky history.
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Hey, look, a form.

Name: Silas Northcut
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Appearance: Silas stands at about five feet and ten inches, with thin but resilient muscles stacked on his bones. His hair is jet black, and kept spiked up, albeit messily. He has large, blue, friendly eyes with a childlike quality to them, and a grin almost always on his lips.
Clothing: [X] Silas looks like a kid off the streets (even though he isn’t) All of his clothes are worn and old. On his head, he sports a pair of black goggles. He has a blue sports jacket with the sleeves rolled above his elbows, and wears an old black T-shirt underneath it. He also has a black scarf, the most tattered and ruined of his possessions, thrown lazily around his neck. His pants are also black, and worn at the knees. His feet wear a pair of black combat boots, and his hands both have black gloves with the fingers cut off after the first inch.

He also has a yellow single-strap backpack, which is mostly filled with “Travel Food,” though there is a space just big enough for his TMs to fit into. His TM Driver was the result of many months of hard work for him, and is his own in design, meant to be more compact and flexible than typical Drivers. The downside to his design is that there are still a few kinks to work out, so it malfunctions more often than he would like, and the recharge time for the Crystal is about 50% longer than normal.
Personal Items:
• TM Driver w/ Fighting Crystal
• Bag
• TMs
• Translator Earpiece

Personality: Few creatures can compete with his childish nature and utterly joyful disposition. He’s rarely discouraged, and just wants to have a good time, but his antics don’t always sit well with others. He’s easily distracted, always exploring the world around him. Despite his curiosity, and his immaturity, he isn’t ALWAYS poking and prodding people, and spends a good deal of time, just observing the world, being content to be alive.

He has a very clear idea of what he defines right and wrong, and will never hold one accountable for the actions of their ally. Getting on his bad side is ill-advised, because despite his disposition, he can be a fierce opponent, particularly because he thinks there’s no such thing as cheating in a fight. Everything is fair game, from below the belt to stabbing in the back.

History: Silas’ father is a respected scientist who works for Solus, with his favorite obsession being the TM Drivers. He didn’t invent them, but he’s constantly finding ways to improve upon them, and believes he is always on the verge of something incredible. His mother was his father’s assistant, until a lab accident four years ago hospitalized her. Now she’s a braindead vegetable who spends her days drooling while her husband and son talk to each other next to her bed, and occasionally read stories for her in hopes she can hear them.

When he was young, he took to tinkering with any “lab leftovers” he could get his hands on, and eventually got to be quite good at it. But when he wasn’t doing that, everything as fun and games. He would wander aimlessly, and ended up getting into trouble quite often. Eventually, he got big enough that people felt no shame for punching him in the face, so he started teaching himself to fight. Given that his muscles were better for endurance than power, he stopped fighting fair after the first arm broke. He was fifteen, then.

When he turned sixteen, he became active in the Solus Community. In truth, he thinks Pokemon would make great companions, and that training should be encouraged. He’s really only on Solus’ side of the debate for the industrial benefits.

Moves: Aura Sphere, Rock Smash, Bulk Up, and Quick Guard

Other: As mentioned, he’s quite the little mechanic. And given his “active social life” over the last few years, he’s gained a decent amount of agility, particularly when he’s running for his life.
res said:
Name: Oblitum
Age: a few myriad years; after a few millenia, one ceases to count the passing years.
Gender: it doesn't actually have a gender, but neither does it mind if others think of it as if it does.
Species: claydol.

Appearance: From the outside, it looks very much like an ordinary claydol; the "body" and "head" are both hollow, however, and can, in fact, be detached from the each other to reveal roughly cylindrical spaces; in all, roughly a cubic metre is hollowed out.
Clothing: no.
Personal Items: A large collection of small nickel tablets; some etched (in tiny print) with a record of Oblitum's memories in runes, along with detailed analyses of the composition and structure of any objects which happened to catch Oblitum's interest; more are blank; and some are partially-filled. Oblitum copies as much of its memory as possible onto these tablets; they are more or less redundant with its nearly-perfect memory, but it still makes copies, "just in case"; keeping them in a physical medium does also make them rather easier to organise, though. Scratched-out portions are clumped together to the side.

Personality: As one might expect of a being composed of what amounts to floating rocks granted sentience by cosmic radiation, Oblitum is more or less uncaring about most things. After all, there's no good reason to get attached to things when one is nigh-immortal and timeless and likely to persist at least another few myriad years. Other things will tend to change over millenia. Growing attached to them will only end in despair.

Nevertheless, there are also a certain few things Oblitum seems almost obsessive about, with no discernable rhyme or reason to them; and it is precisely these "obsessions" which set Oblitum among the best of the best. Oblitum is highly risk-averse; yet, at the same time, it considers limits to be mere guidelines. Taken together, there is a certain tendency toward overkill and excessive collateral damage.

History: Oblitum began its "life" as a clay jar with a cover and handles. It doesn't really remember the parts where it was a non-sentient, though, actually. The first thing it actually remembers is bright light from a dark sky, and then that it rose to lay waste to the surrounding area. Actually, that part is a bit fuzzy, too.

The first clear memory is of floating in an empty night sky, laughing at gravity; and after that are memories of myriad years. Twenty thousand? Thirty thousand? It's a bit hard to tell.

Oblitum has watched the rises and falls and unexplainable appearances of species, the sealing of pokémon as old as the world itself, the development of pokémon training -- almost certainly, it has seen things of great interest to modern historians, but of which it refuses to speak. For all that time, it remained an observer, watching from far above, never interfering with the world below. That nonintervention ended when humans discovered that first town it had devastated; and it returned, to destroy it again, but this time to protect it.

After that first contact with the world on the ground, Oblitum would return, again and again, until it spent almost all its time in the world on the ground. And that one last time, a certain perhaps overly-optimistic human offered it the opportunity to become a legend, forever recorded in the history it had once watched. It accepted, of course.

That didn't quite happen. Oblitum didn't mind much; when one is a nigh-immortal, timeless being, there is quite rarely any need to rush. The human became, in time, a researcher for ... the Silph Corporation, was it? Always seeking knowledge, always trying to push the limits of possibility -- those were traits Oblitum took for itself, as it watched. Oblitum learned much in those years -- first, to operate computers; then, by absorbing the collective public knowledge of humans and pokémon from the internet.

They were given an offer, another chance to be recorded in history -- and then, how could they refuse? Of course they would take part in a great tournament to identify the very best of the best. How could they not?

And so, Oblitum became one of the best ten of the best, and those ten were put to sleep.

They all expected to awaken to meet the human selected as the very best of the best, the true champion of mankind. None ever came; but as the systems responsible for keeping them asleep age, at some point, they must necessarily regain consciousness.

Moves: Charge Beam, Recycle, Telekinesis, Teleport.

Other: Ability Levitate; that is, of course, the only ability available.

Oblitum is quite capable of using each of its moves in somewhat unusual ways; it has fine control over its Telekinesis, and can keep it in effect indefinitely with continuous expenditure of energy; it can use Teleport repeatedly in rapid succession, and can teleport other objects without teleporting itself; its Charge Beam manifests as a laser, and it has absurd control over its path (albeit with a bit of telekinesis involved); and, given sufficient analysis of a object's structure, it can use Recycle to recreate such an object from raw materials with expenditure of an appropriate amount of energy and time. Oblitum placed among the best of the best for a reason, and that reason has little to do with raw power; rather, its greatest advantages are versatility and the ability to abuse the rules which govern the universe for fun and profit.

It is, incidentally, very capable of erecting improvised railguns; and, too, not at all averse to the use of orbital kinetic bombardment.

is not a porigon2, but eh.
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Black Yoshi is accepted, res is accepted, RTB is reserved. Flareth, I need more reasoning for him to be taken in as a sleeper - they're supposed to be incredibly powerful or specially trained and in general quite a bit more experienced and fearsome than a regular Pokemon, which... would be shown in your history.
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