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Connoiseusse Burgundy

Like a piece of burnt toast!
I am PenguinAndFriends. You may just call me And. I am posting this to say hello. As you could probably guess from the title, and this being in the introductions part of the forums.


Fire emblem is great
*hides from avatar*

Well hi! I'm Superbird, the resident Flying-type expert here at the Cave. Can I get you any refreshments? Tea and cod, maybe? Or coffee and salmon?

Anyway, if you'll look to the left, you'll see miscellaneous discussion. That's for the non-pokemon stuff. Following that is the creativity wing, where you can post your sprites and artwork and writing and other creativity for critique or just to show off. Finally, there's the Anime-Style Battling forum -- you definitely want to check that out, trust me on that.

So, have fun! Any questions, feel free to ask anyone.


Bringer of Peace
Greetings, I am Nanab, resident bunch of bananas. Since I like doing this and to uphold customs; Here, have a foam sword! :3 Dem penguins are cool. And how did you get into my cave/house? I come home after a good day of exploring, turn my back on my crafting table and bam! Half of my living room is gone.