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Final Fantasy VII remake coming to PS4!


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I wanted a remake with Persona Q graphics. :(

Also, what even was that announcement video. We sat there just sort of staring as it droned on incomprehensibly and appeared to be talking about some sort of weird sequel? And then the word "remake" just sort of apologetically flashed there at the end. I understand not having proper game footage for a game that's not at that stage in development yet, but they could have tried to build some hype and remind people why they liked the original with some triumphant nostalgic FFVII music or something.


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I'm 99% certain they flashed REMAKE to inform everyone that, yes, it's a remake, and not the 7000th fffvii spinoff


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I haven't watched any E3 videos yes but there's news I'm not missing because of twitter and threads like this. So I don't know any of the details yet. I can assume though that by "to ps4" they mean "and pc eventually" like pretty much any game does these days.

If not I'll just get the original on steam which has been sitting in my wishlist for ages. I've heard over and over that it's apparently the best FF game so I was planning to get it anyway.
Although as with who Luke Skywalker's father is and what Rosebud means, I'm already aware of what the big event in the story of FF7 that people go on about is.


I honestly have mixed feelings about this.

The first time that I played Final Fantasy VII wasn't really that long ago (I bought the Steam Version in 2013), so I'm not one of those people who has a particularly huge nostalgia for the game in particular. That said, alongside FFIX, it is one of my favourite games to date, and one of my favourite games overall.

I think a lot of people are gonna be very picky about how Final Fantasy VII (remake) is going to be. Like for me, the optimal preference would be the same game with a massive graphical overhaul and a remastered soundtrack; no VAs, no changes to the battle system, etc... A few additional features such as extra minigames might be nice but, overall for me they're kinda wholly unnecessary.

I think because I hold my ideal, and because many other people will have their own ideals in their head, such as having a strong desire for VAing, or wanting an altered script in some way (I have no idea what people will want?), people may end up disappointed by the remake due to edits they might put in which are undesirable to a significant number of people in the player audience. There's also the possibility that certain scenes, such as those in the Wall Market, could be altered to make the game more widely playable by a large age range, which could upset those who hold a large nostalgia for the game, especially as it's one of the more memorable scenarios in FFVII.


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Although as with who Luke Skywalker's father is and what Rosebud means, I'm already aware of what the big event in the story of FF7 that people go on about is.
Every time I see someone say this I just smile.

If you've played FFVII, you know what I mean.


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If it was a FF game other than VII, like VIII, IX, or XII (or one of the snes era games) then maybe I'd lean closer to wanting a PS4. I'll just stick with the PS1 version of VII for now.