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First Favorite pokemon


no sir i don't like it
pikachu! i thought it was adorable from the moment i first saw it v_v it's still my favorite to this day, but alongside a few others. i don't really like how 3rdgeneration and up they kinda made it skinnier, it was cuter when it had no head or neck and its face was just on the top of its fat round little body

god how come the japanese can make stuff adorable just by making them fat
Charmander. I always liked it but it's been moved down in the ranks since I got older. Nowdays I prefer Ninetales but it is somewhere in my Top Twenty favorite Pokemon.


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From R/B/Y, I always liked Dragonair.But of course, up to this generation, my favorite is Lucario.Period.:D


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Squirtle, it was the first pokemon I saw and I thought it was the cutest!! And then Pidgey. Then...Chansey. XD Ah, the days of Red. So long ago, so long...


I think it was Articuno. I used to love its glittery wings on Pokemon Stadium. xD I liked Ninetales, too. And Dragonair.

When I got my Gold version, I fell in love with Totodile, though. D: just... too cute.

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Victreebel. Even way back before Red/Blue were out in English and the names hadn't been finalized yet (when Gyarados was called "Skulkraken," Haunter was "Spectre," and the Machop line were named after different forms of martial arts, like "Kung Foo" instead of Machoke), Victreebel was always my favorite for some reason. Which is why I got the Red version when they finally came out; I had seen screenshots of Oddishes in the Japanese Blue version and assumed that since Oddish/Bellsprout are version-exclusives, that meant Bellsprout would be in Red. Of course, I also didn't know that Japanese Blue version was different from the American Blue version at that point...

Victreebel also happens to be my current favorite.


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I've grown up now and moved on to Ivysaur.


probably caterpie or wartortle.

Then I fell in love with Totodile and Cyndaquil.


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my first favourite pokemon was a tie between torchic and his evos

but if it's from gen I then it is and always will be Scyther, i deliberatley left out was because I didn't have a favourite from gen I until recently (about 4 months ago after reading "The Quest for the Legends" and it's spin-off stories


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I think my first real favorite might of been Charmander.

I was kind of obsessed with them when I was 12. They were just so cute to me xD