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Freakish Sea Slug

Well, if we humans incorporated chloroplasts into our cells we would become green as well. Wait, I think it was chlorophyll that made plants green....I forgets.
I created a species of photosynthesing dragons for a fantasy world, once. I liked them, they were cool.

But yeah. Those sea slugs are sweeeet.
Good. After mammals have learned how to fly and lay eggs, now slugs can do photosynthesis. Now I can go all "Look I know a thing you don't!" in class.

Also my biology book needs a revision >.>
This! As if I needed another reason to find sea slugs awesome. Not to mention the ongoing personal joke between my friends and I over a photograph of the little bugger that I found lying in the hallway on two separate occasions. When do two different people drop the same photograph of a chlorophyll producing slug? A month apart, no less. It was a sign. A sign that...i dunno. But it was.
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I remember reading about this!

Me on CAD said:
I was thinking more of this:


Now we just need to figure out how to put these genes in frogs/toads/what the fuck ever Bulbasaur is, alter a plant so it can grow on the animal's back, figure out how to give the animal tentacles that are green in colour, and we will have a real life Pokemon...
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