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Guess who's back. Same nerd different gender


mr. business
What's good y'all!

I'm so glad to see this place active again. So, I was first on the forum in like, 2015, and went by Lilycolo. (Whoops. Didn't know that if I put my "real" name in there, it would eventually be my deadname. My bad.) Loved it for what felt like forever. Definitely one of the biggest things of my childhood. Then I think my computer broke? And I couldn't visit for a long time. Then I showed up for approximately one week as Rosegold, back in 2017, but dipped once again bc my life kinda went bonkers mode.

And now here I am! Just a little herbe. Bout to go to college. It's so, so cool seeing so many familiar faces back here. Missed you guys :')

I thought it was interesting that this site was one of my first experiences hearing about trans guys. There was some guy on here talking about recovering from his phalloplasty and talking about the scar on his thigh. I thought that was super interesting, even though I understood next to nothing about it. And now here I am. In fact I just came out of denial of being Not Cis in like, November...

Glad to be back!


oh hey there, welcome back! it's great to see so many people returning with fond memories of the forums. it's good to have you here!


local hellion
“Same nerd different gender” oh that’s a BIG mood my friend.

welcome back!!!!


he, they
Hey, welcome back! Hope your life is less bonkers mode now!

How do you pronounce Herbe? :0


bastard of puppets
looks like we converted another one, siblings-

ahem! welcome back and I hope your new gender's treating you well. at least, you're not the one of us who used to have boy on the username-