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    Of course I'm not forcing you to do anything if you don't want to, but seriously, what have you got to lose? Five seconds of your life?



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Well, I am VAS!! Hii! Uhm.. the forum header thing kinda told me to do this, so yeah xD Hope i wont be a bother around here, and yeah.
So to sum it all up:
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I am the master of cakes
Welcome, welcome, welcome! I am Silver, as you can see. I am going to direct you to the Role-Playing forum, there used to be annoying memes, but...I don't know what happened to them...Oh well! And again WELCOME!


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Yo. I'm Superbird, local bird enthusiast, and pleased to meet you! First off, may I direct you to the Anime-style battling forum? It's a lot of fun to Anime-style battle, take my word for it.

And the memes. Would you like some Tea and Cod? If you don't like that, try some coffee and salmon. Or would you like red bull and crab cakes? Your choice.

Oh, and watch out for the carnivorous welcome mats. Just go wipe your feet on a mat that doesn't say "welcome" on it. You'll be much better off, trust me.

All in all, I'm honored to welcome you to the Cave of Dragonflies. I hope we can be friends. See ya!


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Hello! I'm Titress, Dark Legion enthusiast! *points to banner* Come on by the sprite shops and art threads if you like that sort of thing.