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Hi, I'm new!


emotionless and cold as ice
Hi, my name is Spaekle! You might know me from some other places. I'm 16 and a half and I like to draw. My favorite Pokemon are Vileplume, Toxicroak, and Victreebel. I was lurking for a while and this seemed like a nice place, so I think I'll hang around a bit!

...hi guys. :]


emotionless and cold as ice
Yeah, I posted on the old forum. Although then I was just "Spaekle", and before that I was a few random variations of "Poffin". I think I remember seeing your name around a bit.

Hi Mhals! Good to be back, yes yes.


Tragically unbeyachted.
Oh no~ Now people are going to change their names and my little brain cannot take iiiit~

(though I do like your new location X3)


like electricity
Oh, it's easy, look, there's still "Spaekle" in the name, and mine's easy to figure out too, and I'm sure anyone else's will be easy to figure out as well. You'll manage. :3

Also, I need a screencap of this, my postcount is higher than Dannichu's. XD