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Hmm...character connection?


occasionally known as Giratina
Remember Bill? The dude in the Kabuto suit? If I remember correctly, the anime portrayed him with green hair, didn't it? In the other games, his hair was brown, but it was green in the anime.

The antagonist in the Power of One movie had green hair as well, a similar voice, and an outfit that looked somewhat familiar. I know I'm being stupid, but what if they were related or something?


Yarn is comfy and easy to wear
Then that would explain the dude knowing so much about the birds and lugia. Hm...I'll check to see if they do look similar later.


Wake me up before you Gogoat
Oh, it's possible; they were both pretty passionate collectors so they most likely know each other, even if from a few trades or something. That's as far as I'd speculate, though. Green hair doesn't really make for much of a compelling argument.