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Monotype tournament.


blame telegram
It's a lowercase "t" in "the" (look <------). I don't know if you've sent the PM with my type or not, but if you have, I haven't gotten it because of the capitalization error. (The same thing happened in a Mafia game a few weeks ago.)


Yes We Can!! Obama Wins!
Ice is a great type, personally. Lapras <3~
I envy the person who has water.

Jetx, we'd have to consult everyone in the tournament about it, and I'm not really willing to make an exception as such.

Does anyone mind if their types are made public, just out of interest?
Heh Heh Heh.

Anyway, can I come back in? I had water originally.


Super Moderator
...oh what what is this? Only one person can have a type? That's dumb :\ I already have a water team and the only other type I have remotely anything close to being done is ice. I don't really use any other types except psychic.


Yesyes, I'll add you all back. If anyone hasn't got this clear: YOU ARE USING THE SAME TYPES AS BEFORE! :3!!!
So, don't complain at me if you don't know your types, unless you're new.
On another note, did Crystylla give you a type before Mudkip?


Yes We Can!! Obama Wins!
If you're referring to me then I'm not sure. All I know whas that I signed up after Kratos. Or maybe Shadow Serenity.